The Last King of Lydia by Tim Leach

The Last King Of LydiaThe Last King of Lydia. Tim Leach
by Tim Leach

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“A defeated king stands on top of a pyre. His conqueror, the Persian ruler Cyrus, signals to his guards; they step forward and touch flaming torches to the dry wood. Croesus, once the wealthiest man of the ancient world, is to be burned alive. As he watches the flames catch, Croesus thinks back over his life.” And so begins a fascinating and riproaring read. Now I must admit my Persian history isn’t really up to speed, but I’ll be rectifying that after reading this. It’s well written with characters that spring to life. It’s not an action packed book, so fans of 300 should move along, but his story, whether true or not, is engaging from start to finish.

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