Hide And Seek
Pledge Music

Janet devlinRemember Janet Devlin?  No?  She was the annoying, affected, breathy redhead on the X-Factor last year.  Well despite not winning, and then vanishing without trace for the best part of a year, she managed to raise enough cash from her fans via Pledge Music to record her debut album.

And the surprising thing is that it’s really rather enjoyable.  It’s true.  Someone has reined in her over affected mannerisms, put together a set of folky poppy melodic tunes and ended up with a summery album of could be hits.

This has probably come about thanks to the sterling work of Eliot Kennedy (Spice Girls, Delta Goodrem, Bryan Adams), as well as songwriting interventions from the likes of Newton Faulkner and Jack Savoretti.  Whatever, it works well with songs like ‘Wonderful’, ‘Creatures Of The Night’ and the ballad ‘Things We Lost In The Fire’ as good as any pop folk you’re likely to hear.

Shame then that Ms Devlin has reneged on her Pledge campaign as soon as a record company came calling, so anyone who ponied up for a CD has been advised to go [expletive deleted] themselves.  I’m sure it’s probably illegal, but at the very least it’s immoral, and I can see the goodwill being flushed away.  Which was stupid, as this could have been a very good thing.


Janet Devlin