JANET DEVLIN – Hide And Seek – CD review

Hide And Seek
Pledge Music

Janet devlinRemember Janet Devlin?  No?  She was the annoying, affected, breathy redhead on the X-Factor last year.  Well despite not winning, and then vanishing without trace for the best part of a year, she managed to raise enough cash from her fans via Pledge Music to record her debut album.

And the surprising thing is that it’s really rather enjoyable.  It’s true.  Someone has reined in her over affected mannerisms, put together a set of folky poppy melodic tunes and ended up with a summery album of could be hits.

This has probably come about thanks to the sterling work of Eliot Kennedy (Spice Girls, Delta Goodrem, Bryan Adams), as well as songwriting interventions from the likes of Newton Faulkner and Jack Savoretti.  Whatever, it works well with songs like ‘Wonderful’, ‘Creatures Of The Night’ and the ballad ‘Things We Lost In The Fire’ as good as any pop folk you’re likely to hear.

Shame then that Ms Devlin has reneged on her Pledge campaign as soon as a record company came calling, so anyone who ponied up for a CD has been advised to go [expletive deleted] themselves.  I’m sure it’s probably illegal, but at the very least it’s immoral, and I can see the goodwill being flushed away.  Which was stupid, as this could have been a very good thing.


Janet Devlin


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  1. Wimbledon Fan says:

    Stuart, based on your first paragraph I’m going to assume you’re not a fan, therefore didn’t pledge and have not received the updates that pledgers have received. Therefore your inaccurate and somewhat embarrassingly immature article merely comes across as a hate campaign and shows you in a very bad light.

    You might as well just have written “I hate Janet & I hate myself for liking her album so I’m going to let off steam by writing a nasty article full of lies to make me feel better about my insignificant self”.

    If you’re not a pledger, why you are illegally downloading unreleased albums? Hardly the actions of someone who can be trusted or who’s opinion can be taken seriously.

    Why you are disappointed that you like the album despite yourself? Isn’t it a good thing that Janet can produce an album that even the haters have to admit to enjoying? It proves the success of the project.

    To correct your innaccurate article:

    “…vanishing without trace for the best part of a year” = “rather than rush out a cheaply made pre-produced album of covers, Janet spent the time and effort to write and record her album in her own style and has worked with artists such as Newton Faulkner and Jack Savoretti. Newton was so impressed with Janet that she has sung vocals on a number of songs from his forthcoming album.”

    “…reneged on her Pledge campaign as soon as a record company came calling” = “all pledgers have received the digital download as promised and those who pledged for the CD will receive a free 5 track acoustic download as a bonus, which will include a cover of Your Song. They will then receive the CD when it goes on general release.” – The reasons for this were made clear on the Pledge website.

    The comments from pledger’s on the website have been overwhelmingly positive, both in their love for the album and in their pride in the hard work and risks Janet taken in choosing to take the independent route to produce the album in her own style.

    It also seems that you have received your information second hand as Janet isn’t signed to a record label. The latest update only said that the success of the pledge campaign has led to interest from several labels.
    This is a common process. When Adele released her album independently it was distributed by a major label, without which it would not have received the level of publicity it did and would not have been available in retail stores.

    The campaign was a fan-funded campaign to support an artist in making the most of her career. ie fans who wanted to support Janet in her career pledged to support her. The aim is for Janet’s fans to do whatever they can to help Janet be as successful as possible. I don’t think this is a difficult concept to grasp. A more difficult concept for me to decipher is that a hater would go out of their way to help fund the creation of an album they would dislike.

    Unfortunately, it seems that there were indeed one or two people who pledged for the album, not to help fan-fund an independent artist, but to receive early copies of the CD in the hope that they could then bootleg illegal copies for their own profit. They seem to be the only people kicking up a fuss as they see their attempts to steal from an independent artist fall flat.

  2. You’re entitled your opinion, which is why I approved your comment, but you should be more circumspect in flinging accusations around and making assumptions. I have never downloaded anything illegally in my life, but I do expect other people to live up to their promises and honour agreements.

  3. Steve says:

    Recently there have been two x factor finalists that I really hoped would not accept deals with mainstream labels. Janet was one. Ella Henderson is the other, although I don’t know what She has decided to do. Like many people I’m fed-up with the production-line execution of talented artists who go the big label route. The music industry is dirty hole which real artists should try to avoid if they want to keep their dignity and freedom of choice and expression. The result in the case of Janet Devlin is a beautiful and organic album which has captured the talent, creativity and beauty of a true artist. Good luck to Her and anyone else who shuns the questionable advances of the big labels. I hope more follow suit !!!!

  4. Bob says:

    Janet Devlin was red hot favorite throughout X factor topping the vote each week and predicted by Simon Cowel to win easily. So how Stuart you call her annoying beats me. She remains the worlds best singer at present.

  5. Janet Devlin was a 16 year old kid who stood up to the fat cats at the X-Factor and for that alone she shows herself to be more than just another artist try to win a talent show. This amazing kid is an inspiration to anyone fighting for their own self respect and worth. She’ s an icon to be admired and looked up to!

  6. Janet Devlin Rules ! She has the voice and looks of a star . I have been a fan since I heard her sing her first song . She does things her own way , I like that . I hope to see her in concert in Chicago some day I’m a Fan and will be for a long time .

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