Morgan Shaughnessy bears her heart in latest EP

The MuseBox today announced the release of the official music video for the single “February Moon” by Morgan Shaughnessy. This single was the first off of Shaughnessy’s re-release of her debut EP, Makeout Scars and Breakout Stars, released Nov 11. Shaughnessy blends 1990s alternative pop and rock with her own brand of indie folk rock, bringing to mind a hybrid of The Cranberries and Cat Stevens. She has built a solid fanbase in and around her native city of Atlanta, Georgia. More information on Shaughnessy is available on her official website.


The multi-instrumentalist Shaughnessy is a rising star on the Atlanta music scene. Her strong, resonating voice has grabbed the attention of fans throughout the Southeast. Shaughnessy manages to pay homage to personal guitar heroes such as John Mayer and John Frusciante while still showing her mastery of several other instruments, including drums, bass, piano, and mandolin.


Shaughnessy has a unique spiritual vision and her ambition is to inspire positive change. A vegan since childhood, Shaughnessy has a love, respect, and passion for all living things. Also a nature lover, Shaughnessy frequently places within her lyrics metaphors involving the natural world. She is a strong and vocal advocate for protecting women, children, animals, and the Earth.


Shaughnessy has lived through physical challenges that many would consider impossible, yet her passion and commitment to her music have remained unwavering. After becoming a regular at Smith’s Olde Bar and playing various other venues in Atlanta throughout 2013, Shaughnessy took time off for medical leave and still managed to record her entire debut EP, remarkably, while lying in bed. Her original lyrics tell the story of her life’s loves and struggles. As Jeffrey Sisk of PGH In Tune said, “You should get to know this inspirational young artist.”

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