Laura Tate “I Must Be Dreaming” out now

Laura TateThere is simply no one else like her. With a heart the size of Texas and a zest for living that is irresistible, Laura Tate inspires through her music, her words and her deeds. Those of us who know her can attest to this fact. There is a spark behind those violet blue eyes that seems to say, “I’m living my life on my own terms… with love and laughter and passion. Want to come along?” And, yes, we do… and with the new CD release, “I Must Be Dreaming,” we most certainly do!

Laura brings heart and soul to this great new release. “I Must Be Dreaming” is a fantastic collection of Jazz, Blues, Country and Rock-n-Roll! The versatile singer and actress continues to mesmerize audiences in both intimate cafes, theatres and huge concert halls, reaching each listener with her smooth sultry torch singer voice and warm charismatic stage presence.

Produced by Terry Wilson


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