Reviews roundup – Kyrbgrinder vs. Fear Is A Liar vs. Lightning vs. Twin Arrows vs. Destiny Heroes

Reviews roundup – Kyrbgrinder vs. Fear Is A Liar vs. Lightning vs. Twin Arrows vs. Destiny Heroes

Chronicles Of A Dark Machine

It’s metal to the fore today, starting with the annoyingly named Kyrbgrinder, who started life as an off shoot of Threshold, led by drummer and vocalist Johanne James. This album sees him joined by bass player Dave Lugay and guitarist Aaron Waddingham, with the whole thing being produced by Threshold”s Karl Groom.

It’s not really a million miles away from what his main band does, but it’s a bit more melodic, despite the riff heavy numbers on offer.  Tunes like ‘Captain America’ and ‘Kill Them All’ can sit quite happily alongside modern metal without scaring the kids off.

The band themselves are all very good at what they do, with a full on, in your face production.  Threshold fans should check it out, but there is a lot there for newcomers as well.


FEAR IS A LIAR Transparent MachinesFEAR IS A LIAR
Transparent Machines

Off to the mythical continent of Australasia now to catch up with Melbourne band Fear is A Liar.  Formed in 2012, this is their debut album, and whereas Kyrbgrinder toy with the idea of modern metal, Fear Is A Liar embrace it fully.

You can tell they grew up listening to the likes of System Is A Down and Korn, which is understandable considering they’re young up and comers.  So there are plenty of big riffs and odd rhythms, which seems to be how the kids like it.

Luckily they did remember to write some tunes and after you get past the very odd intro, there are some good ones here with ‘A Chance To Wake Up’ and ‘The Height’ probably the best of the bunch.  Whether it is good enough to push them up the ladder is still open to question, but as an opening shot, it certainly makes its mark.


Road To Ninja
Sonic Revolution

You won’t be too surprised to learn that an album called “Road To Ninja” means we are welcoming Japanese band Lightning to the table.

Apparently, they’ve been Big in Japan since starting off in 2006, but have now decided to bring their brand of power metal to a wider audience.  Something that fans of DragonForce will thank them for.

It’s actually a compilation type thing with songs from previous albums like “Justice Strike” and “Five Rings”, but as it’s my first taste of the band, I’m not bothered by that.  Because they certainly know how to fulfill all your power metal needs on songs like ‘Heavy Metal (Of Destiny)’.

They’ve got all the moves that bands like Hammerfall have, and Oliver Hartmann from Avantasia even turns up on one track to give them some kudos. It’s an excellent release that should do the job of getting their name known over here.


Hell And Back

France now, and if there is one thing the French struggle at, then it’s the rawk.  If I wanted someone to run away or cook bad food, they’d be first on my list but you can count on the fingers of one finger just how many great French rock bands there are (Trust, as if you need to ask).

Twin Arrows are the latest challengers for the throne, and they certainly have an interesting take on music, as they leap willy nilly from sixties psych to industrial noise, often within the space of eight bars.  There are lots of eighties indie influences in there, and a few riffs that the Reid brothers would recognise. Brothers, not twins.

Melody seems alien to them as they clatter though a dozen pieces which veer wildly.  You feel like a deer in the headlights in places, wishing you could move, while standing hypnotised by th elikes of ‘Wasted’ and ‘Dead Girl’.  Trust can rest in peace.


Abandon The Ship

Lastly, for today, we’re off to Greece.  I’m surprised they’ve got enough electricity to record an album. Mayhap the follow up will be on yonder wax cylinder.

Destiny Heroes are a modern rock band, led by vocalist G. Raven and two teenies – Stanley G. on bass and Filippos Zoidis on guitar.  Seems they’re quite popular over there and this, their second LP, will probably do alright.

There are a couple of songs here which would fit nicely on whatever the Greek equivalent of Kerrap! TV is, with ‘God Of The New Age’ and ‘Change The World’ prime single contenders.  There are a couple of clunkers, and they need to steer clear of ballads, but if you’re 15 years old, this could be the best thing ever.



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