Alt Country Outlaw Leroy Powell Releases Cosmic Cowboy Concept Album!

Leroy Powell, former Shooter Jennings guitarist and cast member of A&E’s “Crazy Hearts: Nashville,” is set to take us on a ride with the release of his new album The Overlords Of The Cosmic Revelation. Backed by his band The Messengers, Powell, a highly acclaimed songwriter goes full-blown space truckin’ southern rock with hints of classic ‘60s psychedelic fuzz to create an album unlike anything on the planet. Check out the melodic stomp of “Time Flies,” the hard rock crowd pleaser “King Kong”, or the melodic lullaby of “Star.” The Overlords packaging includes a hand-drawn comic that tells the story of a band of rock gods lost in the future. Available August 7th on CD and vinyl, and brought to you by Cleopatra Records.

The Overlords of the Cosmic Revelation is the greatest record ever recorded by anyone and of all time,” Powell enthuses. “It cures AIDS, cancer, gout, erectile dysfunction, and bad breath. If you buy enough copies of it, you will get into heaven no matter what you’ve done. If a cop pulls you over while you’re listening to this music, they will have to legally let you go (no questions asked). The 1 millionth purchaser of Overlords will receive a personal check for a whole $5,000 from yours truly.” Offer not valid in all areas. See album for details. Talk to your doctor before listening to Overlords.

Leroy Powell has spent his life barnstorming the country, spreading his unique brand of music. Born in Redlands, CA, Leroy learned to play guitar on a steady diet of classic rock, blues, and classic country. A consummate guitarist, songwriter and producer, He penned the live favorite, “Busted in Baylor County,” a classic outlaw country narrative with a nod to Black Sabbath. After several years of touring and recording with Shooter, Leroy departed, to focus on his own venture, Leroy Powell & the Messengers. Producing some records as heavy as their titles like, Atlantis, The Snowblind Moonshine Deathride, and the much celebrated Life and Death. Touring and recording constantly Powell and the Messenger have opened for heavy hitters like ZZ Top, Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow, 3 Doors Down and Gretchen Wilson. Now, with the epic rock journey that is The Overlords of the Cosmic Revelation, Leroy Powell fans should prepare themselves for a galactic adventure into the star-lined highways of the rock and roll universe!

1. Weightlessness
2. Time Flies
3. King Kong
4. The Overlords Of The Cosmic Revelation
5. Rising
6. Brave New World
7. Lost In The Future
8. Liz
9. Brainscan
10. Star
11. Death Machine
12. Checking Out

Pre-order the vinyl:

Leroy Powell website:



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