Lisbee Stainton – Album number 5! Plus festivals: Lakefest, Wickham and Towersey

I’ve been out and about this month splitting my time between playing festivals and heading into the studio to record album number FIVE! It’s yet to be titled… Any suggestions are welcome. 🙂


Last week I was back at the wonderful Monnow Valley studios in South Wales to carry on recording the new album.  I was joined by the lovely Charlie Dore, who’s co-written two of the tracks with me, and talented percussionist Cormac Byrne, who I regularly play alongside in Seth Lakeman’s band.  It’s all coming along brilliantly and I’m excited to get back in the studio in September with some more excellent musicians and artists to (hopefully) finish recording!  This project is a bit different from my previous albums because I’m producing it all myself, which is both terrifying and exhilarating. I can’t wait for you all to hear it.


I’m also jetting about playing festivals with my lovely band!  Our next performance will be at Lakefest ( on August 7th and Wickham festival ( on August 8th (where you’ll also find me playing in Seth Lakeman’s band that evening).  If you’re at either of those, come and find us to say hello!  I’m also looking forward to playing Towersey festival on 28th August. You can see all of my live dates on my website: Keep your eyes peeled for a show near you!


There’s lot more exciting things bubbling away that I will reveal in due time, but that’s all for now!


Hopefully see you at a gig soon and take care!


Lisbee Stainton




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