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There’s lots going on here at Pink Hedgehog these days, but before we move onto the news… I’ve been having a bit of a sort out of our illustrious back-catalogue and I have a few “last chance” things to tempt you with.  Aside from good house-keeping and the additional therapeutic benefits, it’s also a transparent attempt to put some money in the pot to help fund all the new releases we have planned.


Amongst the many treats in (the) store… I have the very last (and I mean last) two copies of the classic Cheese album Enlarge Your Johnson, in need of a loving home.  I’ve reduced the price to £5 and you can grab one of them here:!shop/c20jm


I’ve also got just one copy of Garfields Birthday’s Tea and Sympathy limited edition CD as well.  Tea and Sympathy (and the digital only Poetry and Flowers) collects together all our archive and demo recordings that never made it on to our “proper” albums.  Both these albums are going to be deleted from our Bandcamp site shortly, so if you want to grab the last CD or download either of the collections for FREE, then please do so in the next few days:  (I’ve set the download price to zero, so you can get it for free… and I’ve reduced the CD to £4!)  (Free download… for the few days, then it’ll be gone!)


I also have 2 copies of the Demonstration EP by Si Jubb (just £2 on CD-R) and some other titles back in stock, like many Hamfatter releases and the first album by The Inexperienced… all available from the Pink Hedgehog Shop!


This week saw the official release of Too Inexperienced by The Inexperienced.  The “official” part, simply means that you can now get the album from iTunes and Amazon and other grown-up places like that.  If you want to buy the album on CD (and get a free download as well!), you’re much better off getting over to:


It’s better for the artist and the label.  We’ve had a few great reviews in already:


“10 out of 10 – love it”, said Tim Jones (Stone Premonitions)

“one of the best modern exponents of the spirit of sixties music, explorative pop (and beyond) around” said Phil Jackson (Acid Dragon)

“the release is a TOTAL winner!!!… it’s one of those albums that I would buy, listen, listen again… listen for years” – Lord Litter


And you can read the latest review, by Jeff Penczak, on Soundblab here:


We will soon be releasing my new solo album called Emotional Feedback (which I intend to make available as a free download), as well as the Wilson album Old School, New Rules – thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered their copy already!  And arguably saving the best news to last… I can confirm that the title of the muchly anticipated Gothic Chicken album, featuring Marco Rossi (Cheese), Alan Strawbridge (Schnauser/The Lucky Bishops), Tom Hughes (Triops/The Lucky Bishops) and Luke Adams (The Lucky Bishops) is almost certainly going to be called Gothic Chicken Lift The Cobweb Veil and is going to be released this year on vinyl!


And finally… Anton Barbeau fans will probably already know that he has almost finished a new album called Magic Act, which features none other than Colin Moulding from XTC!  After returning to Earth, following a recent session at Abbey Road, Ant sent out an email to all his fans and supporters (of which I count myself as one) which included a link to this video:


The video includes tantalizing snippets of the new record.  If you fancy helping out with this amazing project and feel like pre-ordering the album, then head along here:


But hurry, the campaign ends soon!


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