Bad Magic

I must admit to being a tad worried about this album.  After all, I found “Aftershock” to be average in the extreme, and with age finally catching up with Lemmy in a live environment, this had the potential to be poor.  He can’t have long to go on stage, what with him coming off stage last night, after 4 songs, coupled with his recent illnesses and ailments.

But they’ve managed to pull it out of the bag, as “Bad Magic” proves to be worthy of a place in their discography, which now stretches to 22 albums.  The opening 1-2 of ‘Victory Or Die’ and ‘Thunder And Lightning’ is as good as anything they’ve done since the classic years.

That continues until the Brian May of Queen enhanced track, ‘The Devil’ which is a rare misstep on this release.  There is also a return to their punky roots on the likes of ‘Electricity’ while the always amazing Mickey Dee pounds merry hell on ‘Shoot Out All of Your Light’.  There’s even a heart rending power ballad in the shape of ‘Till The End’.

Shame they had to finish with a crack at the overrated ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ by the Rolling Stones, but if this turns out to be Lemmys recorded swansong, then it’s a good one to go out on.