Get the new Simon Felton album for free! That’s free!

This is a fairly brief update to let you all know that my own new album Emotional Feedback was released yesterday… and yet more than 24 hours later, I’m still working at Sainsbury’s – and not even a distant rumour of Grammy nominations.  What a strange and wonderful world we live in.


Anyway, it’s officially out there, from all the usual places… but I would urge you to go to my Bandcamp page where you can still download it for free, no catch.  There is a limited edition CD version also available from Bandcamp… 100 copies have been made in total, of which around half are still available for a fiver each – no obligation.


Reviews, I’ve had a few review, but then again…


“A remarkable gift, and one rarely seen since the late, great Michael Holliday honed it to perfection more than a half century ago.” – Blitz Magazine


Full review:


“beautifully descriptive vignettes and with a minimum of theatrical drama” – Powerpopaholic


Full review:


“This is a deeply moving and well-crafted set of songs that I recommend highly.” – Aquamarine


Full review:


You see, there are some very kind people out there.  If you know of any other reviews, then please let me know too… unless they’re terrible, in which case I would prefer to remain blissfully ignorant.


And finally… here is a short video clip that some of you may be interested in watching.  It was filmed by native New Yorker, writer, bike-enthusiast and video-blogger Joe Diomede at a recent festival in my birth-town of Dorchester (Dorset, UK).  The video features short interviews with musician and promoter Jack Daniels, Steve Wilson (of the band Wilson), myself (talking about the history of the label, the vinyl renaissance and some exciting new releases!), Steve Garden (local guitarist, formerly of The Little Green Men) and Tim Wheeler (of Wilson, talking about the origins and benefits of the Cajon):



For some reason, my teeth look really weird in this clip and I sound a lot more camp than I was previously aware of… but don’t let that put you off.


Thanks to Joe for making this clip available… if you want to find out more about him and the book he wrote, chronicling his voyage of discovery and synchronicity then click away:


And with that, I bid you adieu… I hope you enjoy my new songs and take care, Simon.

Pink Hedgehog Records


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