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  1. Banjo Bones says:

    Thank you Stuart! not exactly the raving review I was hoping for, but at least I had a laugh or two; why is Banjo Bones’ Amerciana “that genre so beloved of people too dull to enjoy proper country music,” yet Bonamassa’s blues rock is not “that genre so beloved of people too dull to enjoy proper blues”? You don’t happen to be kissing up on the rock star and beating up on the indie are you? And that attitude over Americana…, Mary Gauthier, Steve Earl, Townes Van Sant and Ryan Bingham, to name a few, would be disappointed in you. They only happen to be the finest songwriters in U.S. music today, arguably I admit. In any event, I am pleased you enjoyed Barstool and Borrowed, and in my defense, the only track that has any “beat pretensions” is the opening track, which is my tribute to the William Burroughs book, brilliant to some and crap to others, just like music. Cheers to you and thanks again.

    1. Over here, there is an entire sub gorup of people (most of whom read Mojo magazine) who yearn for worthy and dull Americana, which usually involves someone wringing their hands and mewling over a backdrop of melody free music. I like a tune, and you’ve got a few good ones, which is why I wrote a review. If something is total shite, I don’t bother reviewing it at all. Unless it’s a major label artist who deserves a pasting for issuing something awful. I happen to like blues rock,and Bonamassa does a fair job of it, which appeals more to the teenage metalhead I was decades ago than the major blues fan I am today. A quick search through the blues reviews on this site will show more indie blues than major blues. And a click on the country category will show up a lot of indie country acts as well. Best of luck with the album, because a lot of people out there will love it.

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