Following my return from my amazing weekend tour in Northern Ireland of ‘Donegal Catch’ with songwriters Ian Smith and Jody Gallagher, I am very pleased to announce that my third album, ‘Shine’ is available for download .  You can also order the CD through .  ‘Shine’ is a blend of New Country, Country Rock, Ballads and Blues, with quite a few tracks which should get you dancing!

I am indebted to Seamus McGee, my producer and engineer from Errigal Studios, Donegal, as well as the amazing musicians, Ray McLoughlin (Co. Westmeath, Ireland), Tim Galloway (Nashville, U.S.A.), Dave Wintour (Donegal, Ireland), Ian Smith (Donegal), Ted Ponsenby (Donegal), Tony Fitzgibbon (Mayo, Ireland), Jonathan Owens (Longford, Ireland), Eamon McLoughlin (Nashville), Rob Hajacos (Nashville), Des Sheerin and Danny Sheerin (Westmeath), all of whom have made this record what it is.

I have included some more of my own songs, such as ‘You’re The Reason’, ‘Let The Sun Shine On Me’ & ‘I’ll Be Missing You’, as well as other original tracks, and some songs you may already know. Fans of my most successful single, ‘Take Me To Paris’, will be pleased to know that the album is finally available…I am sorry for the delay!   I hope you like it!

Please don’t forget to request my new tracks on your radio stations and tell your friends to get downloading!  Thank you all so much for your support.  It is very much appreciated.