Witchwood debut “Litanies from the Woods” is available since 26th October on double Lp format on Jolly Roger Records (Code7 Distribution). The album which received enthusiastic reviews and unanimous appreciation worldwideis a  long journey (79 minutes) from classic rock to progressive rock, with blues and southern rock elements, with an obscure and 70’s vintage attitude, enriched by insertions of hammond, piano, synth & moog, flute, harmonica, mandolin. Strongly suggested for fans of  Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Led Zeppelin, early Black Sabbath.

witchwood lp

A Place For The Sun
Rinbow Highway
The Golden King
Shade Of Grey
The World Behind Your Eyes
Farewell To The Ocean Boulevard
Song Of Freedom
Hanful Of Stars
Ricky Dal Pane – Vocals, Rhythm and Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Percussions
Davide Mosca – Lead Guitar
Luca Celotti – Bass
Stefano Olivi – Hammond, Keyboards, Synth, Moog
Samuele Tesori – Flute, Harmonica
Andrea Palli – Drums