SAGA Reissue Series, ‘Pleasure & The Pain’ released 20 Jan 2016

Pleasure & The Pain’ is the latest in earMUSIC’s SAGA reissues series, covering all studio albums from 1989 – 2007 and is released 20 January 2016. The release of all 11 albums spans 12 months. All albums are enhanced by exclusive bonus tracks, newly recorded at Fabrik, Hamburg in April 2015.  For this re-release, the album was completely remastered (2015). The tracklist is completed by two additional live bonus track, newly recorded in Hamburg during their European Tour 2015.   The cover artwork is mostly kept original but with a modern touch. The booklets include original fan material, press pictures and more. Additionally, the founding band members of SAGA have their say on each album. The individual liner notes grant a personal insights into their work.

Originally released in 1997, ‘Pleasure & The Pain’, is the band’s 11th studio album.  SAGA presents a much more edgy and tougher side than on their preceding albums. For SAGA, unusually, the guitar is the leading instrument that dominates most of the tracks, powerful riffs take the place of former extensive keyboard parts. At that time, the band was searching for a new contemporary SAGA sound while sticking to their trademark components.Pleasure & The Pain’ is clearly among the most exceptional of SAGA’s works.

Due to difficulties with his personal schedule, Steve Negus is missing on this record. For the recordings he was replaced by studio pro Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper a.o.).  Line Up: Michael Sadler – vocals, Jim Crichton – bass, Ian Crichton – guitars, Jim Gilmour – keyboards, vocals, Glen Sobel – drums.

1. Heaven Can Wait // 2. How Do You Feel? // 3. Welcome To The Zoo // 4. Where’s My Money? // 5. You’re Not Alone “97” // 6. Taxman // 7. You Were Made For Me // 8. Gonna Give It To Ya // 9. Fantastically Wrong // 10. Pleasure And The Pain
Bonus Tracks
11. Time To Go, Live at Fabrik, Hamburg
12. You’re Not Alone, Live at Fabrik, Hamburg


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