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2015 was one of the busiest years for modern blues ace Popa Chubby. After the release of a stellar studio album in late 2014 I’m Feelin’ Lucky, The Chubbfatha hit the road for a relentless run of shows across both the US and all over Europe. Audiences expecting a subdued, restrained performance from this veteran star of the stage were surely disappointed as Popa came out swinging, with all guns a-blazing, firing off multiple highlights from his 26+ year career including “Sweat,” the hit single from his blockbuster major label debut Booty & The Beast, as well as fan favorites “69 Dollars,” “Life Is A Beatdown” and more! The tour was immensely successful, the energy beyond palapable, and the vibe so undeniable that it quickly became apparent these blistering performances needed to be recorded for posterity. And that’s exactly what happened at 3 venues in France. The result is this stellar double live album Big, Bad and Beautiful, which will be released January 22 on the newly christened Cleopatra Blues imprint, a subsidiary of Cleopatra Records, Inc. Chubby’s live album have always been extremely well received by fans and critics alike since anyone familiar with him knows without a doubt that the stage is where his immensely talented guitar playing skills really come alive! So don’t miss out on what is sure to be one of the most talked about blues releases of the year and catch Popa Chubby on the road with his Big, Bad & Beautiful World Tour kicking off in January!

Track List:
1. Working Class Blues
2. Stoop Down Baby
3. One Leg At A Time
4. 69 Dollars
5. Same Old Blues
6. Angel On My Shoulder
7. I Don’t Want Nobody
8. Life Is A Beatdown
9. Palace Of The King
10. Sweat
11. Signed With Heartache
12. Rock Me Baby
13. Blues Bearin’ Down
14. Chubbfatha Medley

1. Rock On Bluesman
2. Take Me Back To Amsterdam
3. I Was Lookin’ Back
4. Love In Vain
5. Brown Sugar
6. Wild Horses
7. Another Ten Years Gone
8. Caffeine And Nicotine
9. Daddy Played The Guitar
10. Finger Bangin’ Boogie
11. The People’s Blues
12. Noise Making Love Machine
13. Over The Rainbow