WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER is the debut single by British musical comedian, writer and television comedy producer MATT TILLER. This driving comic indie rock track is about kidnapping George Osborne, Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer. The song spiralled into a short story which Matt has published on Amazon.
Matt says, ‘George Osborne repeatedly telling us we’re in it together somehow drove me to an extreme idea of being in it together — a kidnap. The song about bundling the Chancellor into the boot of a car appeals to live audiences so I decided to record and release it. A little research into George’s life unfortunately showed we had more in common than I first thought. That inspired the short story which combines true events with a fictional narrative. Annoyingly, I think George comes out of it quite well.’


WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER is released on all digital platforms. Impact date is March 4th.