(always slightly different it just looks & sounds the same, ok… it is the same)

The new video for a revamped and new recording of ‘Caravan Song 2016’ is out there now doing the rounds. You can find it on our Fakebook page or on our Youtube page too. There is a version on our main website on the ‘Pix n Mix’ page. ENJOY!

Now then, we’ve been discussing this ‘ere best of album which is planned for this year. The likely scenario is a live recording at a special event in a purpose built ‘stage’ studio with a ticket only audience. Hopefully this will be in May so keep an eye out for updates if you fancy being there as it will be first come first served, unless you offer us a lot of cash. The working title has therefore morphed into a shorter version of that already declared, to simply be called “Party Songs & Megaphones”. That’s to reflect the fact it’s live, you can dance to us, we shout a lot, and of course we also have a lot to say… don’t we?!! Any similarity to a 90’s disco-dance compilation album in style, format, or sound will be purely coincidental. We can assure you it will be 100% (new) Bleeders. Now that’s what I call music!

Right now we are working on some new tunes, and once they are ready we may unleash them at a live gig near you. They’ll sound Bleederish but with a little twist.


Again, yeah – Go check out the ‘Attack’ page please.

2) THERE IS NO NUMBER 2, or 3 (or 4 for that matter)

And unless I post some other missive, and I could but I am not sure I want to. So go check out the gig page, Facebook, read our tales, and tell the world about it, us, them.

Yeah, it looks the same this bit as the previous rants, well spotted (-:




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