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I hope you are all well and there is romance in the air for those who want it!  First off, both the Wilson and Gothic Chicken albums are now “officially” released… which means you should be able to get them from most places, including Amazon and iTunes.  If you have ordered either of the new releases directly from Pink Hedgehog/Bandcamp and haven’t received them yet, please let me know… I would hate to think that I have overlooked an order or that we had become victims of the postal service!


Huge congratulations to the guys in Gothic Chicken for their **** 4 star review in the latest issue of Q magazine.  This is a huge achievement, greatly deserved of course, but also another significant victory for the truly independent music-makers.  I know of at least two more glossy reviews that have been promised for the Wilson album… so we could well be smiling until Christmas.  Here’s a brand new Wilson review, written by esteemed writer Jeff Penczak, just in:


Jeff particularly liked the “old school” theme of the artwork/booklet… complete with exercise book, homework and “yearbook” style photo gallery featuring all the Old Wilsonians!  If you have been enjoying the Wilson or Gothic Chicken albums, it would be a HUGE help if you could write a short review on Amazon.  You don’t need to have bought it from them to leave a customer review… and it does seem to make a difference and could tempt a few more people into making a purchase.  Meanwhile, Aaron Kupferberg, a long-time champion of PH, has also written a great review of the Gothic Chicken album here:


For those of you who are more local… don’t forget to pop along to Pinnow Music in Dorchester.  This is the new record/music shop opened by local musician and entrepreneur Jamie Pinnow.  He is now stocking many Pink Hedgehog titles, including the Gothic Chicken album on vinyl.  Which reminds me, we are doing our very best to get a date confirmed for their album launch gig.  We were hoping to have it at the Royal Manor Theatre, but that no longer seems possible… so we are currently looking into other venues, including Weymouth College.  Still keeping it local, I had a lovely email from Portland Rocks, which is a community project for young people on the Island where I live, the Isle of Portland!  They have started their own record label, which supports and encourages local talent and I urge you to have a look a their website and listen to some of the music they are making:


Ever mindful of my lengthy ramblings, I will leave you with my own alternative Valentine’s Day message in the form of a new video I have made for one of the tracks on my Emotional Feedback album (only 15 copies remaining!).  The song is called ‘If I Were a Single Girl Again’ and was written by my friend and ex-band mate James Laming (Garfields Birthday/Mondo Jet Set), who is also the glamorous superstar in the video (which I think is worthy of Paul Morrissey/Andy Warhol comparisons!)… I hope you enjoy it:


And if that has wet your whistle, don’t forget to check out the promo video for Gothic Chicken‘s ‘Overthrow’… another fine example of where art meets pop music:


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