Reviews roundup – Balflare vs. Blues For Big Walter vs. Reverieme

Reviews roundup – Balflare vs. Blues For Big Walter vs. Reverieme

Fast Ball

Hey ho, let’s go!  To Japan, that is, for the fourth album from melodic speed metal outfit Balflare.  Of course, it sound like power metal to me, but I’m assuming they know best.

It’s a record chock full of symphonic touches, with lots of keyboard work alllied to the the powerful guitars.  I’m not sure what they’ve been up to over the last few years, but time has not withered them as they come to blast.

There’s a fair number of blast beats going on in the background and they only falter when they slow things down for the legally obligatory ballad, ‘I’m Your Shadow’.  But elsewhere, tunes like ‘Before The Dawn’, ‘Unite’ and ‘Crave In The Dark’ more than warm the cockles of an old metalheads heart.  Highly recommended.

51v2w6xothlVarious Artists
Blues For Big Walter

That’s Big Walter, as opposed to Little Walter, in case you were getting your Walters mixed up.  And what we have here is an array of moothie maestros giving it big licks to a set of Big Walters best.

The tracks in question come from assorted recording going back to the nineties, and includes the likes of Kim Wilson and Big Jon Atkinson, Mark Wenner, Sugar Ray & The Bluetones, Bob Corritore with Jimmy Rogers and Robert Lockwood Jr, Mark Hummel, Steve Guyger, Lil Ronnie Owens, Kurt Crandall and Andrew Alli.

The centre piece is am eighteen minute medley of Big Walter gems from Sugar Ray Norcia and his band, but the tunes from Kim Wilson (‘Someday’), Mark Hummel on harp and Sue Foley on guitar performing ‘Easy’ and Mark Hummels take on ‘Hard Hearted Woman’ are real highlights.

Love the harmonica?  Well, you’ll love this.

Venus EP
9th Story Records

Lasty, for today, we’re off to the glamorous highlife of glorious downtown Airdrie.  And I know about glamour.  My Dad had family in Carnwath.  Anyway, Louise Connell comes fae Airdrie, which is always a wise move, but plies her plinky plonky acousticy stylings under the name of Reverieme.

But that’s not to damn it with faint praise, because what she does is really good.  For sure, it’s not my normal music of choice, but with a captivating voice and a way with a melody, Ms Connell knows how to won over a crusty old metalhead.

She’s had an EP out already, and this is a taster for her forthcoming debut album which she is crowdfunding through Pledge Music.  I much preferred the ultra stripped back version of the song, so I’m hoping that the album will veer in that direction, rather than the indie route.  Regardless, a voice worth hearing.



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