If you need another slice of music genius to get you through the week so, here’s the  accompanying video for Giulia’s new single ‘Addictable’ released April 15th

Italian singer/songwriter, Giulia, celebrates the sparkling world of female pop this spring with the release of her vibrant and highly catchy single, ‘Addictable’ out on 15 April (available for pre-order from 18 March). As 2016 marks 20 years since the iconic Spice Girls hit the charts with ‘Wannabe’, Giulia releases ‘Addictable’ as a tip-of-the-hat to girl power and the emergence of the female pop revolution over the past two decades.

‘Addictable’ is taken from the new deluxe version of Giulia’s debut album, ‘Raze Me To The Ground’ out on May 20, which will include two new tracks: ‘X-Rated’ and ‘Addictable’. Written by Giulia Donà dalle Rose/Don Mescall, ‘Addictable’ is powerful, punchy and popped to the max, a fun track depicting the whirlwind hypnotic journey of a super-charged, crazy night on the town. Paying homage to all female pop artists of the past decades, ‘Addictable’ delivers Giulia’s delicious deep rich vocals around a cascading melody of beats that are made for the feet – this song defies anyone to stay still.