Reviews roundup –  SheLoom vs. Sonik Death Monkey vs. Jade Vine vs. Dream Eternal Bliss vs. Jordan Patterson Band

The Baron of the Fjord
Ray Recordings

There’s a whole slew of nineties US indie personalities involved in this CD.  Of course I haven’t heard of them, what with knowing nothing about US indie music.  Apart from it being shite that is.  However, this trio seem to have been belatedly hit with the good taste stick.

Filippo Gaetani (Vocals/Instruments) once worked with Courtney Love, Jordon Zadorozny (Instruments/Vocals) is ex Blinker The Star and Eric Matthews (Instruments) was in Cardinal.  Right.  They’ve done this before, many years ago on a record called “Seat of the Empire”.  I don’t know about that, but this is full of left of centre, early seventies pop styled tunes.

Which is fine by me, as I still say the early seventies saw the peak of eccentric pop music.  Granted, they still lapse into indie now and then, but fans of 10cc will find a lot of recognisable musical motifs hither and thither.  It’s a grower, but in a good way, rather than an evil twin kind of way.  Worth a punt.


a3882357949_10SONIK DEATH MONKEY

We don’t get enough thrash / groove metal from Cyprus through the letterbox.  To be fair, we had received exactly none, until this one from the splendidly named Sonik Death Monkey arrived.

Sonik Death Monkey (and may I reiterate what a great name that is) formed back in 2009, and this is their debut album, after a demo EP.  They’ve supported a lot of the big names that pass through Cyprus, like Rotting Christ, Iced Earth and Arch Enemy, all leading to this release.

And it’s quite enjoyable.  They certainly know how to grind out some powerfull riffs, and it’s an album chock full of grit and attitude.  They certainly seem to love their nineties metal, and songs like ‘Inhuman Violation’, ‘Rise To Dominate’ and ‘Eradicate The Enemy’ will get your head banging and your fist in the air.

a1f1m9jxlpl-_sl1500_JADE VINE
Mind of a Man
Musicarchy Media

The brainchild of brothers Constantine (guitars, vocals) & Marios Magdalinos (guitars, vocals), Jade Vine is the culmination of their musical journey to date, one that started over a decade ago.  The usual array of line up changes, splits, reformations and a name change have finally led to this.

Prog fans of a certain ilk will be aware of them, as their first album “Nothing Can Hide From Light” saw them team up with Daniel Cavanagh, songwriter/producer and guitarist of Anathema who took over the role of the co-producer.  They also toured with Anathema before yet another set of line up changes.

And now we’re here, and here is good.  As you would expect, it’s operating in the same area as Anathema, Dave Gilmour led Pink Floyd, but with a few indie touches thrown in for some variety.  Now, they may set my teeth on age, but I’m told “the kids” are satill fond of Radiohead.  Or at least their Dads are.  There are some really good songs here, with art rockers sure to take a fancy to ‘Can’t See Why’, ‘Asy (Now Or Never)’, ‘Memory Strong’ and others of that ilk.


61ktpt15pbl-_ss280DREAM ETERNAL BLISS
Dream Eternal Bliss

Ex prog rockers mutate into eighties melodic pop rock.  And why not.  It didn’t do Yes any harm circa 90125.

Scott Kahn and Derek Davodowich (for it is they) were co-guitarists in the neo-prog outfit Days Before Tomorrow, but as they’d long had a yen for the likes of Berlin, Roxette, and Duran Duran, decided to have a go at creating their own version.

With drummer Byron Barbieri in tow, and a set of auditions leading to the arrival of vocallst Carrie Edwards, they then set about their mission.  And they’ve got it pretty much bang on with songs like ‘Home’, ‘Die and Learn’ and ‘Leave Me Be’, as this sprightly mini-album is a real delight.  It’s not 100% on the nose, but it’s close enough for rock and roll.


71xegfgoktl-_sl1425_JORDAN PATTERSON BAND
The Back On Track Recording Project
Flaming Cheese

Finally, for today, we lively ourselves up with some rocking blues, courtesy of Jordan Patterson and his band.

He’s a new name to me, but he’s been around a wee while, with an EP release back in 2014.  He kicks things off in fine rocking style with ‘Favourite Boy’, which allows the band to show their paces, with some great guitar work from Darryl Romphf and Bobby Thompson.

There is also some fine moothie work brightening up songs like ‘She’s Cool’ and the band can turn their hand to some soulful blues, as they do on ‘Living Without Your Love’.  There are even a few tunes that would sound good on MOR radio, but it’s when they kick out on numbers like ‘If You’d Help Me Please’ that I get slightly moist.

Another excellent set from the Canadian colonies, where they’re keeping the blues flag flying high.