Praise The Lord And Pass The Moonshine: New Album Mr. Rick Sings About God + Booze

Praise The Lord And Pass The Moonshine: New Album Mr. Rick Sings About God + Booze
Since the release of his long-awaited Mr. Rick Sings About God + Booze Toronto-based singer/songwriter/guitarist Mr. Rick has been enjoying the positive attention of DJs, reviewers and critics throughout North America and beyond. The album has been featured on CBC, the !Earshot campus and community radio charts and the Roots Music Report charts.
Mr. Rick Sings About God & Booze is a reminder of the power of old-time gospel, blues and Americana staying within the traditional bounds while adding modern and original elements to each song, seamlessly blending genre lines to create an instant new classic.
Here’s what some of the reviewers have to say about Mr. Rick Sings About God + Booze
“Mr. Rick Sings About God & Booze is a good time party album with depth: Saturday night and Sunday morning dancing rump to cheek…While my favoured Americana is of the dusty folk and ‘grass traditions, there is naturally much to appreciate in the electrified blues and roadhouse gospel traditions that Mr. Rick has melded as his wheelhouse. Mr. Rick Sings About God & Booze won’t wear out its welcome anytime soon.” – Fervor Coulee
“Mr. Rick cleverly walks the line between sin and salvation in his latest release, Mr. Rick Sings About God + Booze. This album presents a wonderful and nostalgic slice of Americana in thirteen delightful tracks.  Following in the footsteps of many of the earlier Grand Ole Opry performers, Mr. Rick can dole out a traditional gospel song as convincingly as he can sing out a hell-bent on self-destruction ditty.  His style of playing guitar is a pleasure to hear as well… Give this album a listen, and let Mr. Rick take you out on Saturday night and bring you to church the next day.” – Phillycheeze’s Rock and Blues Reviews
“…is the kind of set that revels in its honest love of dusty grooves from the past, but adds a certain amount of spit and sheen to the old-timey feel…With the mantra of Love Whiskey-Fear God soaking in these grooves, you can’t be too far from the pure truth of what really matters.” – Winnipeg Free Press
“What Mr. Rick does this old, often familiar-sounding songs, is simply magnificent. Not blindly copy but add something not everyone on older work. Mr. Rick is one of the few who does so with gusto.” – Keys and Chords
About Mr. Rick
In the 1950s Detroit, all good things came from listening to late night radio. The deep, friendly voice on the airwaves inspired young rebels and raconteurs with the cool new sounds of soul, blues, R & B and, rock n’ roll. Generations of musicians have been influenced by these late nights on air including our protagonist, Mr. Rick(aka Rick Zolkower). The singer/songwriter/guitarist was born in post-war Detroit, a diverse community made up of American migrants who came to find work in the industrial heartland, bringing their music with them. Mr. Rick is a singer and finger-style acoustic guitarist performing original arrangements of the traditional American roots and blues songbook.  Now based in Toronto, Mr. Rick learned his craft by watching and listening to the iconic folk blues performers of the era at Detroit’s famed Chessmate Coffeehouse.
His previous recordings, Cocktails and Cornbread and Wholegrain received regular airplay on the CBC and a variety of radio shows including Vinyl Café, NPR, campus radio and have garnered excellent reviews from The Toronto Star, Now Magazine, Penguin Eggs, Exclaim Magazine, Montreal Gazette, and Sing Out Magazine.
“The songs in this CD were woven into my musical heart at a young age. Since I was old enough to turn on a radio, my ear was always drawn to Blues, Country and Gospel music  which was still on the radio back then. I’ll skip any Philosophic discussion regarding this CD. Lets just have fun with it. I’ll just sum it up as: Love Whiskey – Fear God.” – Mr. Rick

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