The word prodigy is too commonly thrown about in the music industry to summarize the perception of every young guitarist who shows promise. Despite the obvious talent of 16 year-old guitarist/singer Spencer MacKenzie, he prefers to simply let his guitar do his talking for him, and let the listener take in the music without age bias.
MacKenzie travels throughout Southern Ontario each week performing with some notable heavyweights on the blues music scene and earning praise everywhere he goes. His guitar prowess and vocals are strong and are continuing to build with every performance. In 2013 he won the Niagara Music Awards Rising Star award, was selected to perform at the 2016 Youth Showcase at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis and he received a scholarship from the Blues Foundation to attend the Fernando Jones Blues Camp this summer in Chicago.
Spencer MacKenzie’s debut recording Infected With The Blues features three original songs and five boldly crafted covers. Of the originals, the title track Infected with the Blues was inspired by people assuming that MacKenzie is too young to play the blues and goes on to explain how the music is just running through his veins and that he didn’t choose the blues; the blues chose him. “Devil Under Her Skin” is a familiar theme and cautionary tale about dating, relationships agendas and having strength to be steered away from temptation. “Goodbye Lucille” is dedicated to and was inspired by the passing of B.B. King, one of MacKenzie’s early blues heroes. “Infected with the Blues” also includes modernized and youthful versions of blues classics, including fantastic renditions of “Mess Around”, “Kissing in the Dark”, “Jumpin’ from Six to Six”, “Sinner’s Prayer” and “All Along the Watchtower”.
Spencer MacKenzie’s budding career confirms that blues music has a future and that young people all over “get it” regardless of yet having some of the life experiences that the genre so often details and that the blues is a feeling that can’t be denied or suppressed. As MacKenzie puts it, “I got the blues running through my veins, people say I’m too young, that’s a shame.”
Infected With The Blues Track List 
1. Infected with the Blues 3:44
2. Mess Around 2:51
3. Devil Under Her Skin 3:40
4. Kissing in the Dark 3:39
5. Goodbye Lucille 5:55
6. Jumpin’ from Six to Six 2:50
7. Sinner’s Prayer 4:05
8. All Along the Watchtower 3:43