FOXIE’S RANT(always slightly different it just looks & sounds the same, ok… it is the same)

You’ll know by now that the new video for ‘Caravan Song 2016’ is out there doing the rounds. You can find it at the top of our Fakebook page with a link to our Youtube page too. There is a ‘minilite’ version on our main website on the ‘Pix n Mix’ page. ENJOY!

We are chuffed that a few more festival offers, as well as regular gigs, have come in. For the first time we are off to France, Brittany no less, to do a big maritime type festival with a couple of slots over the weekend of 19/20 August. Exciting eh? We think so!

In all honesty, we had been hoping (yup, we are a band full of hopers, some might say fools, otherwise we would not have kept at it so long in this, our 21st year) to do a new live album recording in May. We had been planning to do it with a selected live audience (i.e. with some of you guys present) akin to a Jools Holland style show, yes – filmed. Sadly, 2 things have frustrated us:

1. The band van being the money pit it is, has swallowed up a large amount of cash in repairs (as ever) knocking our time-frame out.
2. We have struggled to find a suitable recording studio with open facilities (including a bar), live stage, and enough space in Brum/Worcs – but we continue to search for it. So we may have to travel further afield… watch this space.

Those of you who have seen us of late will know we do have some new tunes on the go about drinking whiskey, the man on our backs, and our old favourite – what a bunch of hypocritical thieving liars those Tories are. 

So, as it’s sunny outside, I am off down the pub instead for a ‘pint’ of real English Ale. Yup we still have pints, yards, inches and the pound £. Go figure. We’ve been in the EU for decades and still have our identity. Protestants marry Catholics, Muslims marry Jews, females marry each other as do males, and our world ain’t come to an end. Integration is good for the soul. Now that’s called English humour. Just like the French will always be French and the Germans will always be German. Guess which way I am voting…

GIGS 2016Sunday 19th June – Harborne Street Festival, Birmingham, UK

Friday 8th July – Worleys At The Swan, Stourport, UK

Friday 15th July – Muckefuck, Bremerhaven, Germany

Saturday 16th July – Grossefehn Open Air Festival, Grossefehn, Germany

Saturday 23rd July – Rock & Blues Festival, Derbyshire, UK (acoustic tent)

Sunday 31st July – Something Else Up North Festival, (near) Chester, UK – TBC

Friday 19th August – Maritime Festival, Paimpol, Brittany, France
Saturday 20th August – Maritime Festival, Paimpol, Brittany, France

Sunday 4th September – Dog & Partridge, Marchington, nr Uttoxeter, UK (acoustic/start 5pm)

Saturday 17th September – Yew Tree Inn, Ednaston, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, UK (acoustic)

Friday/Saturday 14th/15th October – Bostin’ Days 2, The Robin 2, Bilston, UK = TBC

Saturday 22nd October – Folk-Rock Fest All Dayer, Boars Head, Kidderminster, UK

Saturday 12th November – Ragged Bear Festival, Crew Bar, Nuneaton, UK (afternoon)
Saturday 12th November – The Wheatsheaf, Leighton Buzzard, UK (evening –

Saturday 19th November – George & Dragon, Belper, Derbyshire, UK