Nordic Noir & Beyond announces ‘The Disappearance’ DVD & Blu-ray release

Solid and gripping
– The Times

A slow-burning affair that grips from the start

– Daily Mail

A taunt, well-crafted French police procedural that
follows the international noir template of
The Killing and Broadchurch

– The Guardian

There are shades of The Killing’s superlative first
series in the premise of this gripping new,
eight-part French drama

– Daily Telegraph

Following the panoramic vistas of Hinterland Series Two, Nordic Noir & Beyond is pleased to announce the DVD and Blu-ray release of the complete series of the intimate, character-driven French drama The Disappearance on Monday 4th July.

Having been a huge success in France, The Disappearance made its UK debut on BBC Four on Saturday 28th May at 9pm with the first two back-to-back episodes.

Julien and Florence find themselves in every parent’s worst nightmare when their daughter Léa, a promising straight A-student, goes missing after attending Lyon’s Festival of Music. The last that was heard of her was a 3am answering machine message saying: “Daddy! It’s Leah, if you’re here please pick up!”

While Florence tries to maintain a semblance of normality for her other two children, Zoe and Thomas, Julien cannot sit around and do nothing – he embarks on a mission to find Léa. Having promised to accompany Léa home, Thomas is being racked by guilt.

Lead investigator Inspector Molina leaves no stone unturned to find Léa. During his thorough investigation Molina builds the portrait of a complex young girl. Step by step everybody’s deepest and darkest secrets are revealed.

The French premiere of The Disappearance attracted over 5 million viewers and continued to draw in more viewers across its run time to become the best performing programme of 2015 on France 2.

For her performance in The Disappearance Alix Poisson (The Returned)won the Series Mania Award for Best Actress in 2015. The winners of the award are chosen by an international jury of journalists.


Release Date Monday 4th July 2016
Language French (with English subtitles)
Certificate Rating 15
Format DVD & Blu-ray
Number of Episodes 8
Running Time 400 minutes
Catalogue Number FCD1275 (DVD) / FCD1305 (Blu-ray)

Nordic Noir & Beyond Official Website


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