Reviews roundup – Sendelica vs. The Silent Rage vs. Uncle Lucius vs. Computers Kill People

Reviews roundup – Sendelica vs. The Silent Rage vs. Uncle Lucius vs. Computers Kill People

The Cromlech Chronicles
Fruits de Mer

Sendelica are celebrating ten years of out there psychedelic space cadet shenanigans, and to that end have punted out a live in the studio, guaranteed no overdubs album fo improvisation and jamming. As you do.

In case you’re wondering Cromlech is a three thousand year old megalithic monument just doon the road from their studio, although what the  Brythonic Celts would have made of meandering Pink Floyd styled guitar lines and freeform jazz saxophone stylings.  I suspect they would have gathered some kindling and got down to business.

But if ambient jazz prog is your thing then you’ll enjoy the 23 minutes you’ll spend in its company.  Flip it over and there is a three song cycle that starts of with a proto-stoner cover of a tune by Japanese band Flower Travellin’ Band before they had back into the vibe of Side One on “Vellichor”.  “Zenosyne” is a very different beast as they take the later jazz sound of Soft Machine and punch a hole in its face.

Fans of their decade long explorations will love this.


a1479533807_10THE SILENT RAGE
The Deadliest Scourge
Alone Records

Time for some Grecian power metal and for that we turn to The Silent Rage, a band who’ve been on the gor a decade or so and who’ve released two EPs.  This is their debut album, though, and it’s all rather good.

They’ve honed their craft over the years, having played shows with the likes of Rage, Grave Digger, Stratovarius, and Rotting Christ, and they’ve put their chops to good use here.  They’ve also made some friends over the years which is why you’ll find Apollo Papathanasio (Spiritual Beggars, Firewind), Yossi Sassi (Orphaned Land) and others putting in guest appearances on the album.

It’s mainly melodic power metal and after an atmospheric intro they blast into “My Race Won’t Last” which is powered along by some furious drumming before the riffs of the title track pummel you into submission.  The album highlights for me were “Between Harmony & Sorrow” and “Sin Of A Pilgrim” which features the aforementioned  Apollo Papathanasio.  The wildcard on the record is the folky “Shadow Spirit” which is an avenue I’d like to hear them explore on future records.

With no real duff tracks here, this one power metal fan should be investigating.

51nakfa2byelUNCLE LUCIUS
The Light
Boo Clap Records

And we’re off to Austin, Texas and the fourth album from Uncle Lucius, although it’s my first encounter with them.  And it’s that whole rootsy / almost Americana thing that hints at country rock, but stays rooted in indie.

The guitars are what make it more rock than country, so even though a lot of the lyrics seem to go for that free flowing vibe it ends up the kind of thing that would fit comfortably on college radio.  But given that, they are good at what they do, and it’s easy to see how they’ve managed to establish a niche for themselves.

The don’t often get out of second gear, so there are a lot of leisurely tunes on offer.  However the likes of “Taking In The View”, “Age of Freedom” and “Gulf Coast Gypsies” have a lot to say, and the very listenable, albeit rough vocals of Kevin Galloway really suit the mood and the music.


61yb6cmqnel-_ss500_ss280COMPUTERS KILL PEOPLE
Silence Means Security
Kernel Panic Records

Paris, France now for some desert rock and the splendidly named Computers Kill People.  They’ve been on the go for a wee while, with their debut EP “The Fun Machine” being released in 2012.

I would emphasise that it is desert rock rather than stoner, so it’s a safe space for fans of Queens of the Stone Age.  Those a little rougher round the edges who won’t go past Kyuss may not like it as much.  There are also throwbacks to the likes of the Doors on songs like “”Dust To Nothing” and “Dirt & Bad Whiskey” and they even go so far as to cover “Love Me Two Times” from the ‘Strange Days’ album.

Loïc Wiels (guitar and vocals), William Jannin (guitar, keyboards and backing vocals), Vincent Boyer (bass) and Charles Erwin Eliachar (drums) certainly know how to invest the music with life, so if you’re looking to explore a little or a Person of Interest fan, then give it a try.



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