The Carnabys – ‘Too Much Never Enough’ out August 19th


Announce new album ‘Too Much, Never Enough’ and donate all pre-sales of their album to Music Venue Trust as they launch the ‘Save Live Music’ initiative becoming its youngest patrons standing alongside Elbow, Slaves and Frank Turner

Fresh from performing at Camden Rocks and The Big Top at Isle Of Wight festival as well as new sponsorship from Ben Sherman, Indie Rock band, The Carnabys, release their  new  album ‘Too Much, Never Enough’ on August 19 th preceded by the awesome ‘Elizabeth’ on August 5 th . The Carnabys are a band who have a growing reputation for fantastic live shows, with the support of Blondie, Steven van Zandt, Patti Smith – without live music venues, bands such as The Carnabys wouldn’t exist and our future generations of music would fall into extinction. The band who rely heavily on the live circuit as their core vehicle for reaching new audiences, have joined forces with Music Venue Trust in a proactive initiative to preserve our British music circuit called ‘Save Live Music’.

In a bid to pull our live venues back from the brink of closure, The Carnabys are putting their album, ‘Too Much, Never Enough’ up for pre-sale 3-months in advance of its release in August and will donate all their earnings to Music Venue  Trust It’s therefore no wonder that Music Venue Trust have recently announced The Carnabys as their latest patrons alongside Frank Turner, Slaves and Elbow.

The Album is an authentic, raw and straight to the point collection of high-energy tracks. With a deliberate light production touch it retains the character of their explosive live shows. Music-writing duties are shared, while Jack handles the words. Elizabeth is about some of the more interesting uses of our currency, Crocodile is a semi fictional dream reminiscence, and Great Dane In The Graveyard relates a poignantly comic misadventure with a late friend of Jack’s. Then there’s Down He Goes, which concerns a fight-prone pal of the band’s, and Frayed Feather which is directed at local musicians who were there back in rock’s formative years and are still hanging around. Made The Grade is about defying expectations, Caught In The Rain is about looking on the bleak side, Scars and Safety Pins is about self harm, but refusing help and Peaches And Bleach is about “working on something important and someone else inadvertently fucking it up”.

An outstanding 5-piece British band from South West London who catapulted onto the industry stage when they beat over 12,000 global artists to win ‘Hard Rock Rising 2013’. Since then the boys have been on a collision course to world success as they sell out gigs all over London including venues such as KOKO, Garage The Borderline and The Jazz Café. They’ve also performed to hundreds of thousands of fans as they’ve been on  tour with Blondie, shared the stage with the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Kings Of Leon, Fratellis, Palma Violets, Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith. So it’s no surprise that they were hailed by Debbie Harry as one of the best support bands they’ve seen in years.

The Carnabys know what they want, and how to get it. They have learned their rock history but their intention is to live in the moment and they have plans for the future: to be doing this for a long time to come. “We are still going to be headlining festivals in 40 years,” promises Jack, and only a fool would bet against it coming true.

The Carnabys release their new album ‘Too Much, Never Enough’ on August 19 th

To support The Carnabys fundraising push pre-order their new album here: never-enough/id1109418249?at=1l3voFY&app=itunes

For more information on The Carnabys visit:


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