Ray Wilson releases second CD Makes Me Think Of Home in October

Makes Me Think Of Home, the 6 th solo studio album from former Stiltskin and Genesis frontman, Ray Wilson, will be released on 7 th October. This release comes hot on the heels of Song For A Friend, an acoustic album released earlier this year and which garnered great reviews.

Makes Me Think Of Home is a mix of pop, rock and prog which showcases Ray’s remarkable voice. The title track sees Ray looking back to his days living in Scotland, a country he left after finding love with a Polish dancer. He moved to Poznan 8 years ago, and in this ambitious and very moving track he reflects on his years trying to find  peace and happiness in Edinburgh.

The album also contains subtle humour; particularly in the first single “Amen To That”.

The track is accompanied by a multi-layered video production in which Ray showcases his acting skills as he takes on multiple characters in a range of unusual professions. The intense 7-day shoot produced what is undoubtedly the best video of Ray’s career and which takes the instantly memorable “Amen To That” to another level, throwing in some unexpected twists along the way.

The album also touches on complex contemporary Scottish issues such as The Scottish Referendum with “They Never Should Have Sent You Roses”, exploring how it divided families and a nation. Also, widespread alcoholism, which affected one of Ray’s close family members, is challenged in “The Next Life”, and having to fight these demons alone in “Anyone Out There”. He also has time to pay homage to one of the world’s best-loved cartoon strips with “Calvin and Hobbes”.

Reflecting on his latest work, Ray says, “Makes Me Think of Home encompasses the joy of freedom we have all come to enjoy and perhaps take for granted as well as the fear of solitude. It highlights the many imperfections that make us special and reminds us not to fear them, but to embrace them. In the words of Leonard Cohen. “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in”.

Makes Me Think of Home full Tracklist:

1. Never Should Have Sent You Roses

2. The Next Life

3. Tennessee Mountain

4. Worship The Sun

5. Makes Me Think Of Home

6. Amen To That

7. Anyone Out There

8. Don’t Wait For

9. Calvin And Hobbes

10. The Spirit

What the media have said about Ray’s last album, Song For A Friend:-

His voice draws you in – Classic Rock

The stripped-back recordings give Wilson’s rich voice room to breathe – Prog

Achingly beautiful release: An unexpected and understated gem – Classic Rock Society

A literate emotional work well articulated by a sandy toned singer; quality control all the way down the line – Ramzine

An emotional collection that must rank as one of the high points of his career to date – seaoftranquility

This one’s a masterpiece – TWR

Ray Wilson, recognized as one of the UK’s finest ever vocalists by Classic Rock Magazine, is also renowned as an exceptional singer/songwriter and live performer. He has built his solo career the hard way. With extensive tour schedules covering 15 years, Ray meets his fans after the show and has built a strong, loyal fan base who continue to support him time after time. As Ray says, “It’s a great joy to regularly meet people who come to my concerts and buy albums. It allows me to connect with my audience and understand why my own music strikes a chord in them. Social Media is one thing – face to face is another level completely”.

Makes Me Think of Home

Release date 7 th October

Catalogue number – RAY 08


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