Nordic Noir & Beyond announces ‘The Border’ DVD release

“No one in Britain would dare to make this show”
– The Guardian

“A highly topical show”
– London Evening Standard

Nordic Noir & Beyond is pleased to announce the DVD release of the complete first season of the gripping and boundary pushing crime drama The Border on Monday 5th September. The timely series is the first Polish drama to have been aired on UK TV screens on Channel 4 and All 4.

The six part series is set in the isolated but beautiful Bieszczady Mountains at the extreme Polish-Ukrainian border. Captain Rebrow’s unit, which is specialised in human-trafficking, becomes the target of a disastrous bomb attack leaving only Rebrow as the sole survivor.

Not long after the attack Reborw becomes the main suspect in the bombing. Determined to prove his innocence and to get justice for his friends and girlfriend, Rebrow embarks on a dangerous investigation uncovering a dark political conspiracy.

Initially the series was planned to be a mini-series – however, HBO Poland announced thatThe Border will have a second season.

The original Polish title is “Wataha”, which literal translation is “the pack” or “wolf pack”. However, the English title “The Border” is just as fitting. There are many references in the gripping series to not just the geographical border between Poland and Ukraine, but also to the border between life and death, the affluent and the underprivileged world as well as ethical borders.


Release Date Monday 5th September 2016
Language Polish (with English subtitles)
Certificate Rating TBC
Format DVD
Number of Episodes 6
Running Time TBC
Catalogue Number FCD1313

Nordic Noir & Beyond Official Website


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