The Mutants: ‘Your Desert My Mind’ album

‘Your Desert My Mind’, the incredible third album from The Mutants (part of an on-going series) is slated for release on 14 October 2016 through Killer Tracks. The Mutants, Chris Constantinou [The Wolfmen, Sinead O’Connor and Adam Ant], Rat Scabies [The Damned] and Space [Black Futures, Idles, Jamie Lenman, Prodigy] have brought in cohorts from Eagles of Death Metal, Masters of Reality, Mojave Lords, Dandy Warhols, Sean Wheeler and the legendary Victoria Williams.  Tracks have already been previewed by Bobby friction on 6 Music. What’s more, there are US live shows coming later this year including the legendary Viper Room.  The album will be preceded by a single on 7 October, the title track ‘Your Desert My Mind’ featuring Chris Goss (Masters Of Reality/QOTSA)

This album follows the triumphs that were ‘The Rhythm and Punk Review’ and ‘Tokyo Nights’ albums.  The band is on a continuing mission to harvest the best sounds and gather the best compadres to make them with.  The Mutants take to the underworld to plot and scheme with their network of punks, hippies, dandies, rude boys, lowlifes and degenerates to hatch a diabolical plan to bring freedom and danger back to the airwaves.  Bobby Friction has been playing a track a week since sitting in on Jarvis Cocker’s show.

From the gutters of Tokyo, to the back streets of Mumbai, to a spit and sawdust boozer… If something is rocking, too loud and slightly awry The Mutants will be there. Having recently spent time inside with Neville Staples [The Specials], Wayne Kramer [MC5], Wilko Johnson [Dr Feelgood], Charlie Harper [UK Subs], Guitar Wolf and The 5678’s, the fearless trio escaped and made a dash for the Mojave Desert.  Finding a suitable safe house at the infamous studio Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree, CA, they summoned the troops to continue their despicable yet valiant quest to make a racket on a global scale.                                                      

‘Your Desert My Mind’ is the latest in an expanding oeuvre that cheerfully cherry-picks from the best of the world’s talent. The results are a febrile blend of the best and most raucous – everything your mother warned you about.  This is high voltage; the best music played by the best musicians.  It doesn’t stand still, it doesn’t stay the same, it won’t keep quiet, it won’t take no for an answer… It’s The Mutants.


Your Desert My Mind – feat. Chris Goss (Masters Of Reality/QOTSA)
Post Everything Blues – feat. Bingo Richey (Mojave Lords)
Fidgety – feat. Sean Wheeler (Mark Lanegan)
Vultures – feat. David Catching, Bingo Richey (EODM /QOTSA)
The Final Hand – feat. Brent DeBoer (The Dandy Warhols)
Night Bus To Krakow – feat. Sean Wheeler (Mark Lanegan)
Night Bus To Krakow (The Return) feat. Sean Wheeler, Zia McCabe (The Dandy Warhols)
Lucky One – feat. Bingo Richey, Eden Galindo
Always Know Where Your Water Is – feat. Bingo Richey, David Catching, Victoria Williams, Peter Holmstrom (The Dandy Warhols)
Highway 62 – feat. Sean Wheeler, David Catching
Machismo Postura – feat. David Catching
Distant Light – feat. Bingo Richey, Victoria Williams, Zia McCabe, Peter Holmstrom, David Catching


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