Saxon release – The Vinyl Hoard – a LIVE 4 double LP Boxset on Gold Vinyl & Tour in October

81cda6zmm4l-_sl1500_Britain’s favourite Heavy Metal warriors Saxon will have four of their most explosive live recordings pressed on vinyl for the first time and released by Demon Records in a must-have deluxe box set. ‘The Vinyl Hoard’ will be officially unleashed on the rock landscape on 28th October 2016.


The albums come as four double LP sets on 180 gram gold vinyl, each in a specially designed gatefold sleeve and presented in a slipcase box showcasing a beautiful brand new cover painting by legendary Saxon artist-in-residence, Paul Gregory.  An exclusive limited edition of 500 copies will be available via Amazon, with a framable print of the cover painting signed by legendary frontman Biff Byford.  

Amazon Exclusive Edition with signed print:

Standard Edition (no print):


Saxon frontman Biff Byford says: “This is not going to be around again and with exclusive art work too…   Bring it on – I think we’ll play some of these tracks on tour in the Autumn.“


Each renamed after the tour during which the featured shows took place, the recordings were previously released as ‘The Eagle Has Landed’ II and III CDs and the ‘To Hell and Back Again’ DVD.


The 8-vinyl album boxset will contain:



  • “The Dogs Of War Tour, 1995”


Recorded on tour in Germany

Featuring: Dogs Of War, Denim And Leather, Wheels Of Steel


  1. “The Lionheart Tour, 2004”

Recorded on tour in France, England and Germany

Featuring: Lionheart, Court Of The Crimson King, Are We Travellers In Time


  1. “A Night Out With The Boys, 2005: The 25th Anniversary of the NWOBHM”

Recorded on tour in Germany and Sweden

Featuring: And The Bands Played On, Suzie Hold On, Stand Up And Be Counted


  1. “Rocksound Festival, 2006”[2 LP]

Recorded in Switzerland

Featuring: Backs To The Wall, Princess Of The Night, Crusader


In the second half of the ’70s, in a Great Britain shaken by widespread poverty and social unrest, disillusioned youth expressed their discontent through the straightforward loudness of punk and heavy metal. In this culturally vivid canvas, where such movements reached their highest peak, Saxon started their career – initially under the moniker ‘Son of A Bitch’. It wasn’t long until they joined Motorhead on the road, attracted the attention of a label and recorded their self-titled debut in 1979. ‘Wheels of Steel’ followed one year later, giving Saxon their first Top 5 album in the UK charts and fans two classics – the title track and ‘747’ to head bang along to these days.


When the term ‘New Wave of British Heavy Metal’ was coined in the 80s, Saxon carried the flag with pride. They stood the test of time, taking their influence on the European metal scene to the present days: their most recent album ‘Battering Ram’ charted in the UK in 2015 and reached #12 in Germany, while their roaring live shows never fail to attract and excite a large all age crowd.
Saxon embark upon the UK leg of their Battering Ram World Tour with 9 dates featuring special guests Fastway and Girlschool from 28th October.


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