Kat Deal. Staring Back At Me – Former Olympian launches new career as a singe

Kat Deal is a London-based singer with a unique voice and mature musicality and a sound that has been described as ‘soul influenced pop with gospel undertones’.


Kat’s debut single ‘Staring Back At Me’ has already got the tastemakers and gatekeepers talking. Having already caught the ear of Gary Crowley, Janice Long and Chris Hawkins across BBC Radio (Radio 2, 6Music and BBC Radio London), this song has already been featured as a Record of the Day on respected industry website ‘Record Of The Day’ and this cinematic video is set to take Kat’s talents to a much bigger audience.


A former athlete for Team GB, Kat is also a multi-instrumentalist who has been working with A-list stars as a horn player and backing vocalist.


This single will be Kat’s chance to shine in the limelight as a solo artist and will pave the way for a career in her own right. Having grown up in the church and sung with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra, Kat’s influences span the spectrum of jazz to gospel, soul and pop, taking in everything in between.


The video follows the journey of a relationship and its many intricate moments; the initial shyness is replaced by a more intimate relationship which becomes comfortable enough to reveal your true colours and be loved for who you truly are.


‘And I’ve fallen soul first into this without fear,

I’m seeing things I’ve never known the future’s so clear.

I’m diving past tall buildings, the bottom ever near.

But when it all feels like a dream, I wake up and see,

You’re staring back at me.’




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