Reviews roundup – Kat Riggins vs. On Dolphin vs. Alluri vs. Idora


Reviews roundup – Kat Riggins vs. On Dolphin vs. Alluri vs. Idora

61winjp2biol-_ss500KAT RIGGINS
Blues Revival
Bluzpik Media

Fancy some old fashioned soul blues crossover, the way it was back in the days of the big revues?  Well wait no longer because that’s what you’re getting on this album from Kat Riggins and her band.

She comes from Florida, where she’s been touring for a few years, and she’s had a couple of previous releases.  A covers EP called ‘Seoul Music’ and an album called ‘Lily Rose’ which ame out in 2014.  That saw her first self penned songs and this new one is also all original bar a couple of covers.

Things start out in fine fettle with the fiesty “Now I See (Ooh Wee)” before she slows things down in sultry style with “Wail Away”.  The best for me though is “The Blues Is My Business” a real stomper of a blues tune.  That’s closely followed by “Queen Bee” but no matter where you drop the needle you’re guaranteed to hear a great vocal.

The band is red hot as well, and if you yearn for the days of Etta and her ilk, then this is an album you need to hear.


61kjemwjwdl-_ss500ON DOLPHIN

Some American indie-rock here from a band featuring one Melissa Lyn on lead vocals.  She’d been a solo acoustic performer for years before forming a band with her husband leading to this ‘Layers’ release.

And it’s resolutely rooted in nineties college rock.  It’s certainly the kind of thing that fans of early REM would be comfortable listening to and there is a many a campus radio station that would have lapped up songs like “Laugh It Off”, “More Good Days” and “Together”.

Miss Lyn has a listenable voice and the rest of the band, completed by hubby Ryan Clark, Anderai Maldonado (bass) and Nathan Dennen (keyboards) are certainly capablae enough.  For me, however, some of the songs just shuffle by without leaving an impression.  But I always did like my rock to rawk.  But those yearning for the days when it was OK to wear unironic paisley may find enough here to keep them happy.


Who Are We?

Blimey, it’s turning into an indie station round here.  Although this time it’s Indian indie.  Sort of.  Redd Alluri originally comes from Hyderabad in Telangana, India before studying in Finland and relocating to England.

And his take on indie is more rooted in the eighties.  It’s the sort of thing that an eighties band who wanted to be pre Ziggy David Bowie would have punted out.  With a couple of nods to pre-trio Pink Floyd.  The lead track from this EP is “I See People” and that has that sort of sixties dark psych feel to it.

The other tunes are more traditionally indie which will appeal to fans of the Smiths and other assorted people who don’t really like music.


And now for some metal!  Praise be.  Interestingly enough, the first album I ever bought brand new was called ‘Wild Cat’.  Prior to that it was only second hand stuff, but I seem to recall a week of release cheap deal and much to my delight I was soon grooving to some Tygers of Pan Tang.

Luckily for me, Idora also like eighties metal.  Of course they’re American so there is no Whitley Bay NWOBHM mentalism going on here.  But they do seem to have a penchant for eighties hard rock meets melodic metal, so that will do just fine.  As well as fine taste in metal album covers!

It’s easy to tell where they’re coming from when they cover a Y&T track as well as one from ‘Run With The Pack’ by Bad Company and they’ve got some good songs of their own as well.  The record also sounds good, with a mix from Johnny Lima who, presumably, is the same JL that released the ever fabulous ‘Made In California’ album.

For a DIY effort it’s top notch, although I would prefer it if they settled on one fella to sing the tunes, as it made things a wee bit disjointed.  But with songs of their own like “Lil Miss Rosie” and “Saints and Sinners”, this is deserving of a wide audience.



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