Animotion:Return after 26 years will indeed “Raise Your Expectations”

On 16 November 2016, Animotion will release “Raise Your Expectations”, their first studio album in 26 years, through Invisible Hands Music, on LP and CD.  Newly reformed, with the line-up including both original front-people, Bill Wadhams and Astrid Plane, Animotion are back with an incredible set of original new music – and a new version of one of their signature hits “Let Him Go”.  The band have been touring the US with their new wave contemporaries Thompson Twins, Wang Chung, Berlin, ABC, A Flock Of Seagulls in enormous outdoor venues.

The new album was produced by Rod Stewart’s musical director Chuck Kentis and features phenomenal new artwork from Jay Vigon who was responsible not only for the band’s original logo but also created work for clients as diverse as George Lucas, Tom Petty and most remarkably, the logo for the Prince movie ‘Purple Rain’ (more at

Animotion exploded into the hearts and Sony Walkmans of the world’s population in 1985 with their global smash hit debut, “Obsession”, which reached number five in the UK, six in the US and similarly high positions elsewhere. The song continues to live on, being heavily synced within hit TV shows such as “Nip/Tuck”, “Weeds”, “WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event”, movies such as “Hot Tub Time Machine” and was covered by Sugababes twenty years after its original release!

The band’s eponymous debut album spawned a second hit, “Let Him Go”, which the band have revisited on “Raise Your Expectations”. Meanwhile, the second Animotion album, “Strange Behavior”, was released in 1986 and included yet another hit, “I Engineer”.  At the end of that album cycle, the band broke up and a third album, also called “Animotion”, was released in 1989 without contributions from any original members (although it did not break the band’s hit-making run, as it generated yet another US top ten single, “Room To Move”). “Raise Your Expectations” brings the Animotion story bang up to date!

Now thirty years after making their debut, Animotion have come back with a collection that mines once more the fertile ground upon which their reputation and success was founded, but also is unafraid to take some risks and move with the times.  “Raise Your Expectations” is an effortless adult contemporary confection that will be sure to find new fans, as well as please those already onboard.


Last Time, Not Your Lover,  They Can’t Touch You, Bad Review, Everything, Raise Your Expectations, Love You Better, Trust Me, You Love It, Surrender, Let Him Go 2016


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