Beck – The Series Volume Two – New DVD Release Date on 10th October

“Beck” is back! Nordic Noir & Beyond is thrilled to announce the DVD Box Set release of the popular detective drama “Beck – The Series Volume Two” on Monday 10th October 2016.

The absorbing Swedish detective series will return to BBC Four at 9pm on Saturday 10th September with four brand new episodes. Starting on Sunday 11th September, each of the four episodes will be available to buy digitally from iTunes, BT and other digital platforms the day after being aired on BBC Four.

Detective Martin Beck, played by Peter Haber (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) and his team investigate four suspenseful cases that blur the lines between the team’s professional and private lives.

Next to a murdered journalist and police officer, Beck has to deal with personnel changes. Police supervisor Klas Fredén (Jonas Karlsson) decides to go over Beck’s head and to recruit charismatic, Norwegian homicide investigator, Steinar Hovland (Game of ThronesKristofer Hivjul).

Based on the characters of the hugely popular Martin Beck detective novels by Swedish husband-and-wife writers Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö, Beck – The Series” once again sees the much-loved detective brought to life on the small screen.

Featuring the thrilling combination of complex woven details of police procedure and beautifully realised characters, the award-winning series continues to grow from strength to strength with a dedicated and passionate cult following.

To cover this year’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, BBC Four interrupted the re-run of previous episodes of “Beck” before airing the four brand new instalments of the beloved detective series.


Release Date Monday 10th October 2016
Language Swedish (with English subtitles)
Certificate Rating 15
Format DVD
Number of Episodes 4
Running Time 4 x 90 minutes (approx)
Catalogue Number FCD1319

Nordic Noir & Beyond Official Website


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