Reviews roundup – Glenn Hughes vs. Eric Sommer vs. The Pinx vs. Adam Eckersley Band vs. Chile Colorado



Reviews roundup – Glenn Hughes vs. Eric Sommer vs. The Pinx vs. Adam Eckersley Band vs. Chile Colorado

51xwxpr2beulGLENN HUGHES

Has it really been eight years since the last Glenn Hughes solo album?  Blimey!  But it was 2008 when the somewhat underwhelming ‘First Underground Nuclear Kitchen’ came out.  Then he headed off on his Black Country Communion / California Breed adventures.

But they’re in the past and his new ‘Resonate’ album sees the sixty five year old rocking out harder than he has in years.  It’s an album stripped of frippery with all eleven tracks aimed at blowing your mind.  As befits someone with his musical pedigree the riffage is always offset with a sense of melody so you’re never left wanting, even on a number like “Flow” which is positively brutal.

It’s actually an album that seems like a natural progression from BCC / California Breed which goes to show how much input Hughes had into those bands.  A song like “God Of Money” could easily have fitted onto one of those records, although when you hear “Landmines” you know it could only have been a Glenn Hughes moment.  He does however find a moment of peace with “When I Fall”, one of his finest ballads.

‘Resonate’ is out as a standard CD and a deluxe edition which includes one bonus track and DVD and there will also be a vinyl release.  Whichever version you buy doesn’t matter, but it will be one of your rawk records of the year.


brooklynboleroERIC SOMMER
Brooklyn Bolero
Clyde Is Thinking

Something a wee bit different now.  Well at least the guitar playing is different.  Songwise we’re talking alt-folk meets Americana from a chap whose been performing live for decades now.

He’s toured across America and Europe (the latter with the likes of Bram Tchaikovsky and Wreckless Eric), led a power pop band called The Atomics and is now channeling his Townes Van Zandt influences into solo material powered along by open tunings, slide guitar, lap-slap tone guitar and an aggressive fingering style.  Oo-err, missus.

This record sees him teaming up his all original material with experienced New Jersey-based session players Jim Oakley on percussion and Zach Smith on bass, and the experience of all the musicians certainly shines through.  When the songs match the performance as they do on “Red Dress” and “Best Foot Forward” then it certainly makes for an interesting listen, but even the lesser material should be required listening for budding acoustic pickers. – CD available from CD Baby

51j8a4139gl-_ss500THE PINX

I know what you’re looking for.  You’re looking for some seventies styled rock with a hint of southern boogie and a band with a terrible name.  Say hello to The Pinx!

It’s no great surprise to learn that they’re from Georgia as they certainly conjure up the spirit, if not the sounds, of the Black Crowes.  Add in some nods to the grandfathers of all, the Allman Brothers on tracks like “Other Side” and “Blue Dream” and bob is yer actual uncle.

Sometimes it’s a more mainstream rock sound that they pursue which is less effective, and there is one out and out duffer (“I Got the Cure”) alongside an unnecessary MC5 cover  but they have more than enough energy and swagger to barrel their way through to the other side.

If they dump the mainstream side and up the boogie, then The Pinx are going to be a band to watch.


81hbesfdjdl-_sl1410_ADAM ECKERSLEY BAND
The Second Album
Lost Highway

Following hot on the heels of the cunningly titled ‘The First Album’, ‘The Second Album’ is the, um, second album from the Australian country rockers.  I say country rockers but they do like to tip over into my beloved southern rock style hither and thither.

Folks from the mythical continent of Australia will remember Adam Eckersley from their version of American Idol (Australian Idol) back in 2009 but prior to that he was a hard working, road hardened musician who was just looking to break out under his own name.

Well this record should certainly help because bar a shitty Neil Young song this all original set of material is well worth a listen.  They can rock out solidly on the likes of “Good Night” and “Talking About Love”, go all country on “For You” and even get away with a song for his wean on “Hey Little Daughter” without the gag reflex kicking in.

Eckersley has a really listenable voice and the rest of the band are top quality musicians.  Tie that in to a great production and this is a record that has a hell of a lot to offer the listener.  If the idea of seventies country rock with some modern bite appeals, then this is for you.


51sm2jqrnql-_ss500CHILE COLORADO
Chile Colorado

We’re finishing off the day in sunny California, home of the oddly named Chile Colorado and their brand of eighties styled hard rock.

They’ve also got some musical roots in the seventies as befits their power trio lineup but their groove sticks mainly to the hard rock sounds of Van Halen and their followers.  They make a fine racket so hats off to singer/songwriter/guitarist Ron Wright and his rhythm section of Paul Goss on bass and John Ferraro on drums.

It’s a brief album as they rattle through seven tracks with “Getting Restless for Your Love” and “Gun Smoke” taking the plaudits.  Although they do find time to stretch out on “Cloud Jumper” which demonstrates what good musicians they are.  Give it a stream before you buy but it is worth a listen.






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