Danny Bryant ‘Prisoner Of The Blues’ single and 2017 Big Band live shows & album

UK Blues/Rock guitarist Danny Bryant will release, as a single, a retooled and revamped Big Band version of his original track ‘Prisoner of the Blues’ through Jazzhaus Records. This track will serve as a signpost towards the fantastic ‘Big Band’ sound and ethos that Bryant will be embracing on his forthcoming live album, which will boast a mix of versions of some of his favourite tracks by other artists and of course his own material, which will be released in April 2017.

This new album, and indeed the new version of ‘Prisoner’, sees Danny Bryant fulfil a career-long ambition by recording for the first time with a nine-piece Big Band. The band, which features keys, rhythm guitar and a full four-piece horn section, will tour and perform at exclusive shows in Europe during January 2017 culminating in the release of a live album, which will be launched with another high profile show in London in April 2017.

Danny himself says, “This is something I have always wanted to do. We are mixing the old with the new and will be playing Blues classics alongside modernising and re-presenting my own work in a classic ‘Big Band’ format! ‘Prisoner’ is just the beginning of this project and I’m thrilled with the result”.

Danny is of course well-known to the Blues/Rock fraternity who has been a professional musician since the age of 18. He has toured the world and released many studio albums over the years, the most recent being ‘Blood Money’ back in February. This debuted at number 3 in the OCC Official Jazz & Blues Charts.

This new album sees him stretching his wings, ‘Prisoner’ is just the first taste of an ambitious and yet rewarding change of direction from the assured and accomplished performer who just can’t resist a challenge.  Ironically perhaps, ‘Prisoner of the Blues’, and indeed the forthcoming album, represents nothing less than the sound of a man setting himself free!


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