Glass Hammer – “Valkyrie”
Now Available at Radiant Records!
Glass Hammer follows their 2015 hit album Breaking of the World with Valkyrie, a highly impressive 9-track concept album that chronicles the story of a soldier caught in an endless war and the girl he leaves behind. The album is led by Susie Bogdanowicz on lead vocals. Michael Hodgson hails Glass Hammer’s new release:
“[Valkyrie] crackles with warmth, variety, inspiration and overall progressive music excellence, and is very possibly the greatest musical statement of Glass Hammer’s near 25-year career so far.”
Track Listing:
1. Fields We Know (7:37)
2. Golden Days (6:20)
3. No Man’s Land (14:22)
4. Nexus Girl [Instrumental] (2:58)
5. Valkyrie (5:54)
6. Fog of War (8:23)
7. Dead and Gone (9:59)
8. Eucatastrophe (3:31)
9. Rapturo (6:04)
Glass Hammer are:
Susie Bogdanowicz (lead vocals, BGVs)
Steve Babb (bass, keyboards, BGVs)
Fred Schendel (keyboards, guitars, BGVs)
Kamran Alan Shikoh (electric, acoustic, & classical guitars)
Aaron Raulston (drums)
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