Reviews roundup – Words of Farewell vs. Cath Tyldesley vs. The Dreaming Tree vs. AC Angry vs. Cliff Richard


Reviews roundup – Words of Farewell vs. Cath Tyldesley vs. The Dreaming Tree vs. AC Angry vs. Cliff Richard

81hatdnueal-_sl1200_WORDS OF FAREWELL
A Quiet World

We’re starting things off today with the third album from German metallers Words Of Farewell.

Their species of metal is grounded in melodic death although in several places they seem to want to experiment in the world of progressive metal.  I haven’t heard their earlier albums so don’t know whether they do this all the time or if it’s a new direction, but I do prefer the latter to the former.

They’re certainly proficient musicians with the guitars of Erik Gaßmus and Robin Dirks serving up some excellent leads and riffs.  The experimental side is pushed along by the keyboards while the vocals rage and growl.

The opening track, “My Share Of Loneliness” is powerful straight forward melodic death but when you’re half way through the closing epic that is “This Shadow My Linkeness” you can’t help but wish for more like it.  An interesting album that falls short of essential but fingers crossed for the next one.


United Agents

Before she busted out all over as Eva in Coronation Street Cath Tyldesley had a bash at being a singer.  It didn’t work out then but now, with a high visibility TV role over the last few years she’s back for another crack.

It’s mainly covers sandwiched between a couple of new songs one of which is the lead track / single “Rise”.  Which sounds like a Gloria Estefan B-side, something that’s not helped with an actual Gloria Estefan song coming right after it.  It’s a poor version of “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You” not helped by the breathy little girl vocals, something that permeates the supper club jazz that follows.

“He’s a Tramp” stands out if only because it sounds like a completely different vocalist as she drops an octave for some reason or other.  A couple of songs later you get the one winner, a cover of the Dream Academy song “Life in a Northern Town”.  I’m sure it was only done to draw the Corrie punters in but it’s the one song that really suits her vocals and the one arrangement that really stands out.

If you were in a hotel lobby and heard this performed live you’d applaud politely, but that one song aside you wouldn’t go out of your way to hear it again.


51eprqzgjrl-_ss500THE DREAMING TREE

‘Silverfade’ the album came out in the summer of last year causing me to say “So don’t believe the hype about their post grunge influences.  Instead, take a listen to the driving, pop / prog / jazz of ‘Yesterdays Tomorrow’ or the musically inventive eight minutes of ‘Forever Not Forever’.”

And now for some reason a year after the stable door was bolted they’ve decided to repromote it with a single of “Kosovo”.  As the name suggests it takes on the themes of war, genocide and the way the media reports on this. The song itself wasn’t my favourite on the album but they have made a video to go with it in pursuit of new fans.

Hopefully it works because they’re very good at what they do, and a scroll to the bottom of this page will take you to said video.


61bwtx4bcjlAC ANGRY
Appetite For Erection
Steamhammer / SPV

Oo-err missus! And the winner for least subtle album cover of the year are AC Angry.

In case you’re still here and not clicking on the buy link, AC Angry are a German band who purvey their own brand of scuzzy biker rock.  Their debut album “Black Denim” went down rather well and they ended up touring with the likes of Saxon, Airbourne and Black Label Society.

This is more of the same and will certainly appeal to fans of BLS, Motorhead and their ilk.  They’ve got a top of the game vocalist in Alan Costa who has a forceful voice that really suits their balls to the wall rawk and on songs like “No Way To Go But Down”, the title track and my favourite “The Balls Are Back In Town”, the riffs and attitude match the delivery.

It’s a fiery burst of hard rawking music which crushes all in its path.  It’s out on CD, digipack and limited edition vinyl.


61zcrxvrjol-_ss500CLIFF RICHARD
Just Fabulous Rock’n’Roll

It’s Sir Cliff!  He’s back, post home invasion, with a brand new album full of rock’n’roll favourites.  So don’t come here if you’re looking for some dubstep or grime.  Nope, it’s polite rocking and rolling all the way.

This was actually meant to be a follow up to the huge success of his 100th album, ‘The Fabulous Rock ‘n’ Roll Songbook’ which came out in 2013 and was actually recorded the following year, but things got in the way so we’ve had to wait until now.

It was recorded in the legendary Blackbird studio in Nashville, Tennessee and sees him doing a Cliff on the usual suspects such as “Roll Over Beethoven”, “Great Balls of Fire”, “Sweet Little Sixteen” and even his own debut “Move It”.  He sounds as he always has done and it’s produced and arranged well.  There’s even one new tune, “‘It’s Better To Dream” from Nashville songwriters Andy Childs and Steve Mandile.

I’m not sure about the “duet” with Elvis Presley although as he’s just had nother Number 1 album it makes fiscal sense,  but 58 years on from his debut Sir Cliff is still in fine fettle and his fans will clutch this to their bosoms.  Early buyers could also get their hands on a clamshell set with five postcards of Cliff.



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