Singer/Songwriter Jordan Hurwitz Announces Her Fourth Release

Jordan H new cover.jpg

 American singer/songwriter Jordan Hurwitz is releasing her latest EP with 3-time Grammy, Emmy, and Oscar winning producer Narada Michael Walden arranging and producing six new original songs that showcase her evolving musical maturity and depth in her songwriting. Recorded at Walden’s Tarpan Studios and releasing on his Tarpan Records label, LOVESICK. will be available worldwide on December 9, 2016.

LOVESICK. is Jordan’s second EP release with Walden (Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Barbra Streisand). “As I grow as a person and an artist, my music grows with me,” Jordan says. “The one thing that stays consistent is this: my lyrics come straight from my heart. This set of six songs focus on emotions and experiences that I have been through during this past year. Each and every day I am amazed at the power writing has in finding resolution and optimism in any event or feeling experienced by an individual. My experiences have led me to new ballads, dance music, a lot of vulnerability, a little sass, and above anything, GROOVE! Please enjoy this new set of tunes that I am so humbled and thrilled to share.”

The songs on LOVESICK. span many genres and styles, with each song having a unique sound to connect with a wide audience. The EP opens with “I Love Your Abs,” a pop song with a pointed lyric, followed by the huge ballad “Power,” and “Riverbank,” the album’s first single and video. “Obliterate My Heart” is an incredible duet with Tarpan artist Cornell “C.C.” Carter, and “Hurricane” presents another powerful ballad. The EP closes with the title track “Lovesick,” a contemporary pop/dance crossover that belongs alongside any of the huge hits on the radio today.

LOVESICK. follows Jordan’s first project with Walden, Here I’ll Stand, in 2015, also on the Tarpan Records label. Here I’ll Stand featured six original songs written by Jordan and produced and arranged by Walden. “Working with Narada is an incomparable and invaluable experience,” she said. “His talent and artistry take my music to a whole new dimension and continue to be nothing less than amazing.”

Here I’ll Stand gained Jordan international exposure and stellar reviews throughout the United States and Europe. Said Exclusive Magazine about Jordan, “… [she is] so apt at creating musical visions to back her every lyric that it’s hard not to imagine her standing proudly alongside the aforementioned Taylor Swift at an awards ceremony one day.”

LOVESICK. and Here I’ll Stand were preceded by Jordan’s first CD, Infinity (2013), released at age 16, and The New Me, (2014) produced by Marcus Barone.

Currently, Jordan is a sophomore at University of Miami’s Frost School of Music in the highly regarded Bruce Hornsby Creative American Music Program. “Being a student at Frost provides me with the constant surroundings of extremely motivated and talented peers as well as professors, keeping me eager to better myself and my music, and making Frost the perfect place to continue my music education while working towards my career as a professional singer/songwriter.”

Jordan’s songs have always served as an outlet that speak to the challenges people face in their everyday lives. Her lyrics, she notes, are a way to work through the trials and tribulations of growing up. “A finished song always brings resolution to my internal conflicts. The problems themselves sometimes never change, but my actions and perspectives do. Every song I’ve ever written carries the motif of being broken and finding the strength to rise above.”

Jordan’s musical experience began with piano lessons at age six, and has evolved to include drums, voice training, and guitar, all of which she now uses to accompany her songwriting. “Empowering myself with song was life-changing in itself, but that doesn’t even compare to the feeling deriving from other people relating to my songs. It gives me comfort to know that the issues I face are faced by other people, and it gives me a sense of pride realizing that with my music, I can help them feel better about themselves as well.”

The LOVESICK. EP will be available in stores and online in the winter of 2016-2017. Jordan will continue to showcase her talents in assorted venues across the US in the surrounding months to support the new release.

For Music Samples or to pre-order LOVESICK. EP visit:

Check out Jordan’s website for more information and touring schedule:



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