Reviews roundup – Val Tvoar vs. Riff Through Time vs. Mystons

Reviews roundup – Val Tvoar vs. Riff Through Time vs. Mystons

611-bupuwl-_ss500VAL TVOAR
In Light You Believe…but in Darkness You Dwell
Heliaed Records

Oy? What’s all that about then.  I’ve already heard half this album as the ‘In Light You Believe’ bit came out as an EP about 6 months ago.  It wasn’t quite metal enough for me as he also took in mainstream and desert rock influences.

However, despite the first half of this record not really floating my boat, “There’s No Tomorrow” aside, things actually get better further down the line on this offering from the talented Estonian guitarist.

Once you get into the second half of the album there are some real metal treats with the Sabbath influenced “Dark Side Of Mine”, the dense, atmospheric “The Last Dance“ and the thrash driven “Reborncycle” pummeling you into submission.  A game of two halves with the second one the blinder.


a3107501492_10RIFF THROUGH TIME
Riff Through Time

To the Canadian colonies now for some early eighties influenced hard rock from Christian St-Hilaire who may or may not be related to my former Head of IT, Mike.  And Christian certainly likes to riff out in fine style as the title of the project suggest.

I’m not sure what he’s got up to before this but he does run his own recording studio in Quebec so knows his way round a console and this actually sounds close to the major leagues than the minors.  He’s also a fine guitarist and listening to the solos on this record is a real treat.

Thankfully he can also write a tune and when he amps up on songs like “To Rock And To Roll” and “Overdriven” it’s a retro hard rock treat.  He can also slow the pace a bit as he does on “Go Easy On Me” and “For You”.  He goes left of centre on a couple of tune and the likes of “Grey” don’t really work for me.  However, it’s mainly the rawk that seems to stir him up and when he goes for it, you can only stgand back and admire.

Destination Death
V.R. Label

Finlandia!  And it’s no surprise that an album from a Finnish band should turn out to be metal, metal and, of course, metal.  It’s album number five from the duo of drummer John Myston and vocalist/guitarist Mauri Myston and they can make a fair old noise.

In amongs the more straightforward metal there are a few doomy riffs, some stoner influences and a whole lot of soul crushing sounds.  I like this.  They even manage to hang on to a melody most of the time so you can hum as well as strum.

There are highlights a plenty with the best title ever for a metal song “While My Heart Hammers Doom Doom Doom” up there in the top echelons along with the doomy, um, “Hand Of Doom” and the none more catchy “King Of Pain”.  They slow the pace in a couple of places with “What Will You Do When It’s Time To Die?” the best song to impress the ladies.

An absolute stormer.


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