Reviews roundup – HMS Keelhaul vs. Callidice vs. Beltane Fire
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Inverse Records

Following on from their debut EP, ‘Catch You When You Fall (In Love)’, this is the debut album from the up and coming Finnish hard rockers. The members of the band have served time elsewhere but got together for the first time back in 2013. So it’s early days, but it’s safe to say there is a lot of potential here.

It’s fairly mainstream hard rock but with some excellent guitar work from Markus Lukkarila and Tuomas Puhakka there are plenty of catchy riffs to grab a hold of. The vocals may not be for everyone as they veer off into the world of Axl with a lot of glass shattering screams but the songs are definitely there.

Tunes such as “Hand Of Death” and “Back In The Game” are certainly worth a listen if you’re looking for some new, eighties influenced rock. It’s not quite the finished article but hopefully they’ll get the chance to prove themselves.

Inverse Records

We’re staying in Finland for our next offering, but this time it’s an EP from melodic death / metal core band Callidice.

They’ve only been together for two years but they certainly seem to have got their sound down pat and are definitely a band to watch out for on the scene. The riffs are tight and hard, but they’ve remembered the melody at the heart of the music which certainly gets them off to a flyer. The guitar work of Tatu Latvala in particular is just right on the money when it comes to their chosen genre

Numbers like “Rightful Bullet” and “Domicile of Hate” have a fire and intensity to them that will rouse the masses should they get to hear them. One of those rare things. An EP that makes you want more.




Well that’s just confusing the issue that is. No sooner do eighties UK proggers Beltane Fire go and re-release their classic album, ‘Different Breed’, but a bunch of Australians calling themselves Beltane Fire go and release their debut album. I mean you wait 30 years for a Beltane Fire and then two come along at once. Typical.

This Beltane Fire is the brainchild of vocalist Soda Lee and drummer Leroy Cleaver who’ve got plenty of history in the Western Australian music scene and sees them exploring themes of love, light, Pagan mysticism and earth magic. I’ll get me coat.

Musically, though, it’s seventies influenced hard rock with a few blues rock edges. The vocals are, how do we put it, idiosyncratic, but then that suits the pagan backdrop. There are a few moments where they go all goth as well, so if you’re the kind of person who reads Edgar Allan Poe and named your son Uther, then songs such as “Bring On The Knife”, “Priestess” and “Lady Of Avalon” may set your ley lines a-quiver