‘Modus’ Blu-ray & DVD Box Set Release on 19 Dec

Patiently paced and stylish to look at.” – Daily Mail

Sleek… picturesque… psychological… frightening… I’m hooked.
– Financial Times

Despite the Brexit vote, Britain’s passion for European crime drama continues unabashed.”
– The Mail on Sunday

A welcome addition to the Nordic Noir canon.” – The Times

A handsome Swedish crime drama.– The Observer

Nordic Noir & Beyondis pleased to announce the DVD and Blu-ray Box Set release of the Swedish detective thriller on Monday 19th December starring Melinda Kinnaman, Henrik Norlén, Marek Oravec and Nordic Noir legend Krister Henriksson, best known for playing Kurt Wallander.

The gripping Swedish crime thriller’s first two episodes aired on BBC Four on Saturday 26th November and will end its four week run on Saturday 17th December.

‘Modus’ follows criminal psychologist and ex-FBI profiler Inger Johanne Vik (Melinda Kinnaman) as she finds herself and her autistic daughter drawn into an investigation surrounding a series of disturbing and brutal deaths in Stockholm, Sweden.

Together with detective Ingvar Nymann (Henrik Norlén), Inger Johanne uncovers clues to these shocking crimes. As the number of mysterious murders starts to increase, Inger Johanne starts noticing a pattern. However, the discovery of the killer’s weakness and the connection to a ruthless international network unintentionally turns the entire threat towards Inger Johanne and her family.

Based on the crime novels by best-selling author Anne Holt and produced by the producers of ‘The Bridge’, ‘Modus’ is a tense, atmospheric crime series that raises questions about religion, human rights, and the very nature of love itself.

‘Modus’ is not your classic whodunit but has a complex story that stays away from clichés and stereotypes. The detective thriller has a unique take on modern families and features a flawed female lead character.

The Swedish detective thriller was written by the three times Emmy Award-winning screenwriting duo Mai Brostrøm and Peter Thorsboe. After its success in Sweden, ‘Modus’has been commissioned for a second season.


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