Justin Hayward “All The Way” collection gets digital release, with 15 additional songs

On 25 November 2016, Eagle Rock Entertainment released an expanded digital set of Justin Hayward’s “All The Way” album, which includes an additional 15 songs. “All The Way” is Hayward’s most recent solo album, and was originally released October 2015. It is a testament to the scope and spirit of his incredible career outside of the Moody Blues.

Containing several songs that have not been released on any one Justin Hayward album before, the broad selection of the 30 tracks demonstrates the plethora of styles and sounds that Justin has perfected in his half-century career. Hayward’s celebrated songcraft is on full display here, presenting rare and unique versions of classic Moody Blues songs, solo live performances, and a recording with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Over the past five years, Justin has enjoyed a thriving solo career. In addition to playing sold out shows with the Moody Blues, with whom he’s shared a 50-year history, Justin performed before sold out crowds on his recent solo tour. His nationwide PBS concert special “Spirits… Live – Live At The Buckhead Theatre, Atlanta” began airing in 2015, following the DVD, Blu-ray, and CD release of the same concert in 2014, and his solo album “Spirits Of The Western Sky” (2013).

The full tracklisting follows, but illuminating Justin Hayward’s songwriting expertise, some key songs featured on “All The Way” include:

“The Wind of Heaven”
A heartfelt song about a wounded warrior who has left his soul on the battlefield and is having a difficult time adjusting to being back home, “The Wind Of Heaven” is dedicated to all of those who have served their country. The song has received standing ovations worldwide on Justin’s solo tours. Co-written by David Minasian, an accomplished musician in his own right.

“Blue Guitar”
Justin originally recorded this song with English rock band 10cc. The original recording, produced by 10cc’s Eric Stewart, went missing but was recently recovered from an old tape vault. Hayward fans have been asking for this original Justin/10cc version for years and now it’s included on All The Way. This is the first time it’s been heard since 1974. The track is noted for it’s beautiful guitar riffs and solos with Justin and his friend, 10cc guitarist Eric Stewart.

“I Dreamed Last Night” (Digital Only)
One of Hayward’s most requested songs, it was originally on the “Blue Jays” album. Justin includes here a rare live version, recorded at the Capitol Theatre in Clearwater, FL. Justin is joined by vocalist Julie Ragins and guitar virtuoso Mike Dawes, who plays along with Justin’s 12-string to create one incredibly rich sound.

“Gypsy” (Digital Only)
This classic was recorded with an Italian string quartet. This same quartet was also featured in a new video of “The Story In Your Eyes”, which can be seen at justinhayward.com.

“It Won’t Be Easy” (Digital Only)
Released for the first time, this song was written by Justin and produced by Grammy Winner Tony Visconti (who also produced David Bowie, among others). It was the theme song on the BBC Sci-Fi series “Star Cops”.


1) Blue Guitar 2) Forever Autumn 3) Broken Dream 4) Troubadour 5) The Best Is Yet To Come 6) One Day Someday 7) One Lonely Room 8) In Your Blue Eyes 9) Vincent 10) Nights In White Satin 11) Raised On Love 12) It’s Not Too Late 13) The Story In Your Eyes 14) The Western Sky 15) The Wind Of Heaven 16) Lay It On Me 17) Nostradamus 18) Moving Mountains 19) I Heard It 20) I Dreamed Last Night 21) Crazy Lovers 22) Silverbird 23) It Won’t Be Easy 24) Lost and Found 25) Stage Door 26) Scarborough Fair 27) The Way Of The World 28) Night Flight 29) Gypsy 30) The Eastern Sun


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