Reviews roundup – Elles Bailey vs. Jordan Hurwitz vs. Power 5

Reviews roundup – Elles Bailey vs. Jordan Hurvitz vs. Power 5
elles-bailey-1425239308ELLES BAILEY

The ludicrously talented Bristol bluestress Elles Bailey is releasing a new single in advance of her next tour and debut album. And it’s a mean, moody and magnificent slide drenched number which I can’t recommend highly enough.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Miss Bailey is probably the best new blues prospect in the last decade so get your finger out and download this as soon as you can. Head off to the website as well as she has over 30 dates scheduled in the run up to her debut album release in April. Elles will also feature at The Great British Rock and Blues Festival in Skegness and will be opening for soul singer Jo Harman on her February tour before heading back into Europe in Sprnig 2017.

Essential listening.
51mevuk2birlJORDAN HURWITZ

It’s about a year and a half since I reviewed ‘Here I’ll Stand’, which was her third release at the young age of 18 but her first with the legend that is Narada Michael Walden (Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Barbra Streisand, et al) on his own Tarpan Studios.

She’s still in her teens but this is her latest six track mini album, again with Narada, and it’s another very enjoyable set of pop tunes.

Last time out I pointed out what a great voice she had and nothing has changed, so this is another good one. It’s still basically mainstream pop, especially “I Love Your Abs” but she’s dug out another big ballad in the shape of “Power” and showd a great deal of depth and emotion on “Hurricane”. She has a great pop voice and if you’re looking for a new Whitney this should do you fine.




r-8153344-1456140458-3436-jpegPOWER 5

Off to the erstwhile Czechoslovakia for some power metal by the aptly named five piece band Power 5. Now they seem to be quite a big deal over there because this is a double album with the second disc taken up by a best of release.

They’ve been on the go since the late nineties and have released half a dozen albums prior to this one and they certainly know their way around their chosen genre. They’ve got the powerful riffs down pat and even throw in some delightful keyboard flourishes along the way just to spice things up.

The new album has a great sound and on numbers like “Destruktor”, “Do Vrchů Táhnem” and “Už Je Podzim” they demonstrate just how good they can be. The second disc serves up fifteen of their previous best and is certainly worth investigating if you’re looking for some quality power metal.


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