As we mark 10 years in business as a record label and publisher,  our new 15 song compilation ‘This Is Not A Game’ is released this week on all download stores.

Containing around an hour of indie-pop/rock, the bulk of artists and songs are recent signings, as we continue to look to the future rather than reflect on past glories.


With the demise of a music press that champions, or even barely mentions the underground and its emerging artists, it is to small labels such as Platform Records that we should be looking, small oasis of passionate souls who provide the momentum to get exciting, challenging and unique artists to a wider audience. And if Platform are just one of those hidden oases in a desert of dross and bland commerciality, then ‘This Is Not A Game’ is nothing less than a vital road map, without which you put your musical taste, if not your very life, in grave danger.”