Reviews roundup – Richard Palmer-James vs. Drive Your Life vs. Blind Man’s Gun

Reviews roundup – Richard Palmer-James vs. Drive Your Life vs. Blind Man’s Gun

815rygue6ql-_sl1200_RICHARD PALMER-JAMES
Primary Purpose

Richard Palmer-James was an original founder member of Supertramp before he acquired a hyphen and a James and was also a lyricist on a number of King Crimson albums during the ‘Red’ era. But this is his first ever solo album.

And it might come as a surprise to folks who read liner notes back in the seventies because this is as far removed from prog rock as you could get. Instead it’s a mix of Americana and seventies singer / songwriter.

Which is fair enough. After all that was decades ago and these days he seems content to inhabit the American heartland on songs like “Halfremembered Summer” and “Dance for Me”. He’s not the best of singers and at times the German based Englishman seems to adopt a bit of a twang – see “Guano Blues” – but folks who like their songs to tell a personal story may find themselves enjoying this.




61nvyvrzdil-_ss500DRIVE YOUR LIFE
Sound Attack

Onwards! To Varna, Bulgaria for some Motorhead inspired metal courtesy of Stanimir “Stavry” Stavrev – Vocals, Ivailo Georgiev – Guitar, Svetoslav Zdravkov – Drums and Georgi Pehlivanov – Bass.

And when they’re not sounding a bit like Motorhead then they’re going for a metal meets gutter rock sound which is the kind of thing that I remember would absolutely slay on a Saturday night in a biker packed boozer.

And that’s really where these songs belong as they rattle though the likes of “Love And Hate”, “Drive Your Life” and “Nation of Robots” with merry abandon. They’re not reinventing the wheel here but when they churn the riffs out they command attention and the promise of a good night out. Rawk!




71xjhrwfo5l-_sl1200_BLIND MAN’S GUN
Beyond The Darkness
Alster Records (Timezone)

German calling and it’s the follow up to their debut album ‘Helldorado’ from the Hamburg based, female fronted hard rockers.

And it’s the eighties that they’re looking to for their metal influences which they take to with verve and panache. They certainly know how to rock and are more than happy to give you a glimpse of a studded wristband as they blast out tracks like the title song and the album highlight “Black Knight”.

Singer Nadine Meyer can certainly hit all the notes and even if the production sometimes lets the songs down a wee bit there is more than enough here for the average old school metalhead to enjoy. Me, I’m cranking up my air guitar and getting ready for another run through of “Helldorado”.



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