Reviews roundup – Bob Young vs. Borealis vs. Dawson Reigns

Reviews roundup – Bob Young vs. Borealis vs. Dawson Reigns

51mweotii8lBOB YOUNG
Back In Quo Country
HNE Recordings

If you don’t know the name Bob Young then you’re obviously no Status Quo fan. So more fool you. Once upon a time he was their first full-time roadie who ended up co-writing some of their biggest hits.

Back in 1986 he released an album called ‘In Quo Country’ which revisited some of those songs in a laid back country environment. It only took Status Quo another 30 years to think of the same thing with ‘Aquostic’.

It’s been out on CD a couple of time before under it’s oroginal name and with some bonus tracks as ‘(Tex Axile Rides Again) In Quo Country’. So it’s the third time at the races and it’s got some different bonus tracks. Annoyingly it’s dropped a couple of them as well, so you’ll need to break the band if you’re a competlist. The album actually ends with a writing session for “Down Down”, recorded at the Travelodge Motel in Hollywood, on Status Quo’s first American tour in 1973.

The main album though has always been enjoyable. Long time associate Micky Moody on guitar alongside Albert Lee, Billy Bremner, B J Cole and others make sure the music is never less than immaculate and it’s certainly a CD that Status Quo fans should hear assuming they’ve managed to miss it up till now.



World Of Silence MMXVII

Nine years ago a young Canadian prog metal band called Borealis self released an album called ‘World Of SIlence’.

That got them signed to Lion Records for a follow-up in 2011, with a third album comin gout a couple of years back on AFM. But now they’ve decided to revisit their debut. Originally it was to be a reissue but after a listen back they decided to go the whole hog and do it from scratch.

And it is a vast improvement over what was a glorified demo. Everything sounds bigger and bolder with the guitars pushed to the max on tunes like “Midnight Chaser” and “Eyes Of A Dream”. Elsewhere it’s heavied up across the board and fans of Symphony X and Stratovarius will find this a very welcoming place.

Normally I don’t approve of this sort of thing but ‘World Of Silence’ is now a prog metal album to be reckoned with.


51gryzh6lsl-_ss500DAWSON REIGNS
Dawson Reigns
Hit Maker Entertainment

Back to the country now with the latest release from Dawson Reigns. THe lead track on this EP should be a sure fire hit for him over there in the American colonies. “‘Love Was All You” comes from the pens of Canaan Smith, in collaboration with Jaron Boyer (Dierks Bentley and Jason Aldean) and Arron Goodvin (Luke Bryan).

That’s modern writing royalty for you and it’s an immediate and infectious song that has you hitting repeat straight off the bat. But it’s surrounded by a handful of other fine tunes, some courtest of Dawson himself. Across the six tracks you’d be hard pushed to find a weak spot with the Canadian born, Nashville-based Dawson in fine fettle.

He’s been pushing at the door for a wee while now but given the right airplay and support, and this should make Dawson Reigns a name to reckon with in the world of modern country.



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