Nem-Q is a progressive rock / metal band from Nederweert, founded in 2004. Since 2014 the band worked hard on a successor to the highly acclaimed album ‘301.81’. With a change on the bass, the sound of the band again undergone a slight change of course. The songs on the new album ‘Fault Lines’ are closer to the band and are more personal than the previous (concept) album.
The album is produced by Nem-Q and mixed and mastered by Dennis Geraads. The album ‘Fault Lines‘ consists of two EP’s with the subtitles: ‘Subduction Zone‘ and ‘Terranes‘. A “fault line” means fracture. The cover of the EP ‘Subduction Zone’ (released February 2016) shows a heart divided by a fraction, the second EP ‘Terranes’ (released January 21st 2017) cover shows a divided brain. This not only marks the division of the album, but it also shows the inner struggle of choices and the consequences. A kind of collision, hence the choice for the title ‘Subduction Zone’: a clash between two tectonic plates, like in an earthquake and ‘Terranes’: the emerging of new rock formations after a landslide.
Although the lyrics on the album are a bit heavy, the music is easy digestible because of the warm vocals and special musical arrangements.
The ‘Fault Lines’ album will be available digitally (via iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Juke, Amazon etc.) as well as physically in stores and online via as a merged digipack (double EP) including ‘Subduction Zone’ and ‘Terranes’. The EP’s are also separately available.
A short album teaser can be watched here: