Alice Martineau album ‘daydreams’ is out now


ALBUM ‘daydreams’



A new novel, ‘A Song For Tomorrow’, written by Alice Peterson 

Released 9th February, 2017

                                                                                                Based on the life of Alice Martineau and her album ‘daydreams’.


“I saw Alice perform at the 606 club in 2002; her story and music strike an influential chord. Alice is an inspiration to us all”.  Robbie Williams


Alice Martineau, was born with Cystic Fibrosis and given a life expectancy of ten years to live.  This didn’t deter Alice from her passion of music and she lived life to the full, way beyond anyone’s expectations, to the tender age of 30.


In 2002, aged 29  – Alice Martineau  signed to Sony Music and released her debut album ‘daydreams’ – whilst waiting for a triple heart, lung and liver transplant. ‘Daydreams’  is available to buy on CD or Download and to listen on streaming services,


‘Daydreams’, reached great critical acclaim and turned platinum status. The album consists of eleven songs written from personal experience – simple classic pop song writing – most are about lost love, or loss in general.


Alice’s incredible story has been documented in a novel  ‘A Song For Tomorrow’  written by Alice Peterson, which celebrates Alice’s extraordinary character, her music, talent and her family and friends, who stuck by her throughout.

Released on 9th February, 2017.  Published by Simon & Schuster.


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